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Bar Blu, Rhyl 19.11.03

(reviewed by Neil Crud)

This where the English get to laugh at we provincials as we trudged up to Blu in a sombre 'Never trust a Russian in a football shirt' type mood. And drowned our sorrows in a pint of Guinness. Maybe we should've seen the irony of losing in the Euro 2004 play-offs & ordered Vodkas all round.
Various footballing & firework commitments has kept us away from Blu for a couple of weeks & initially it looked liked everyone else was staying away. But the faces soon started filtering in & I almost thought some shared our soccer sorrows, but hey! No way! This is Rhyl! This is Little England! Or Little Liverpool anyway!!

Coming from Abersoch leaves you out on a limb at the best of times & you don’t see many bands relocating there to enhance their careers. Snatch’s accent does give the game away, they’re definitely immigrants to the seaside enclave, & maybe the American drawl in some of the songs is because they’re that much further west than most bands & closer to the States!
So with fuck all else to do in downtown Abersoch other than rehearse & piss on yachts, Snatch are going to be very tight, & they are. Probably as tight as Steve Sync’s wallet on Children In need night. Incidentally I hear Michael Jackson has been doing something with children in need this year.
Feeder was the first comparison to emerge & the Welsh connection continued when Sync mentioned The Alarm with an added; ‘These are fucking good’ before Fatman threw in a ‘shit hot guitarist.’
There were a couple of throw away songs mid-set & Sync did quip its how Pocket Venus would sound if they sped up their set, but they would lose a little subtlety.

I joined the Fatman couple round a table during the break & letched at Mrs Fatman’s fishnet stockings while someone told Andy if he were a flavour he’d be shepherd’s pie.
Hearing the opening bars of Bootnic kick in I got up to check ‘em out & sat down immediately on recognising the song as a Blink 182 cover. Whoops! Not a good idea, particularly when you’ve been praised to the hilt in the local rags for your own stuff. The covers kept coming & Steve said that they should be told the summer cabaret season is over now & write your own fuckin’ songs. To be fair to Bootnic their own songs stand side by side with the covers they did & they should leave playing the latter for schools & youth clubs, not venues. My case is rested when I hear their own song ‘Tony’, a sped-up ska-ish which is very funky, so c’mon you mother-fuckers, get it sorted!
Steve Sync is beouf bourguignon by the way.

Local Gay Activist Fraternity

(pix by Neil Crud)

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