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 Bar Blu, Rhyl

(reviewed by Steve Sync)


None of the Crud Crew were meant to be going out tonight, as Crud was sorting out his Radio Wales show for this weekend, Fatman was ‘Shaggin’, and I was decorating my kitchen (one of these kids is doing his own thing). By 10 o’clock, I’d not only run out of patience, but cigarettes also, so I thought I’d pop to Blu whilst on my fag run. At this point, I must apologise to Carpet who I missed tonight, due to me driving and not staying long, but I promise to review them the next time I see them.


As I arrived at Blu, Salem were just starting their first song, and I was told that they were the first band on tonight, due to Carbon Vein arguing, then splitting up on their journey to Blu earlier today. As I was driving tonight, I thought I’d have a quick pint, and just stay for a couple of songs before going back home to my paintwork, but Salem had other plans for me as they hypnotised me with their dark underworld music, full of hidden messages no doubt. Salem are one of a scene of bands from Anglesey with that ‘Dark Gothic Rock’ tag, and I’d seen Salem play Hendre Hall with WendyKurk a few months back, but tonight, without a similar act before or after them, they really stood out to me. I first thought that the guitarist should be louder to give them a more powerful sound, but as I listened, I noticed the guitarist was creating some amazing effects and noises throughout the songs as well as churning out the back bone chords to each song. The volume level was correct, as the vocalist, even though screaming in parts was also softly spoken in others, which would have been hard to pick out if you had a wall of guitar in front of him. The new in house Blu PA system suited Salem tonight, as you couldn’t hear much of the front man through the PA speakers either side of the band, but his voice seemed to creep up behind you from the speakers at the back of the room creating a great overall sound. Whilst not being a huge fan of this type of music, I can enjoy it, and I did find it very interesting, especially in the unusual breakdowns within the songs. After Salem had finished, I went home still under their trance and painted my kitchen tiles with my own intestines. Thanks for that Salem it looks great!!

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