Love (with Arthur Lee)
The Yards

NEWI, Wrexham

(reviewed by Jared)

LOVE / Arthur Lee - NEWI (Wm Aston Hall) 16.03.04

First time for myself and friends Mick, Nettie and Smalls seeing a gig at Wm Aston Hall. Strange venue for a rock concert I thought - bit like going to a lecture; but then when you are delivered unto by Arthur & LOVE, you do feel you are receiving a worthwhile education...

Support by The Yards - have wanted to see these for ages, didn't know they were even playing! Saw their last 2 songs as I was late arriving and was thankfully impressed - not your greasy fringed crusty combo but a fine array of musicians on display with an acoustic guitar to boot! They had a full and clear sound and complemented LOVE perfectly.

Enter LOVE & Arthur - Cool as fudge, a look in his eye like he knows what's coming, but you can only guess...

Beginning with the fantastic 'Your Mind and we Belong Together', just to warm us up. Hitting us straight after with 'Seven & Seven Is' - the punters immediately left their seats and stood up for the duration of the gig, and much freaking out was to be witnessed down the front too.

Other highlights were: 'AloneAgainOr', 'Old man', good old Bryan Maclean eh? 'And More Again', 'Daily Planet' 'Bummer in the Summer', 'Signed DC', 'A House is Not a Motel', 'Everybody's Gotta Live (inc Instant Karma)'; the little heard tracks 'My Flash on You, and 'A Message To Pretty' were a rare treat also. Arthur & Co. also played a new track - 'Rainbow in a Storm' which was superb - Comprising of typical Love traits, licks and full-on harmonic vocals, and bearing a passing resemblance to a kind of uplifting happy tune that started a TV program you just can't remember but know you'll never forget. With traces of "Out There" LP track - 'Love is More Than Words' it seemed to be Arthur concentrating on the brighter side of life and love - a real ray of hope.

My particular favourite (and always will be), was 'August' with it's remarkable time signatures & changes, amazingly tense guitar work, its frantic but perfectly timed drumming, and pure and beautiful lyrics.

LOVE closed the show with the wonderful 'Singing Cowboy' from "Four Sail". It was extremely groovy and warming to hear people in the audience (including myself) singing along to the lyrics - I guess people have listened to LOVE so much, and probably still do, and just never get bored, or never fully grasp the nature and the meaning of the songs, and so keep coming back for more.

The welcoming crowd (shockingly smaller than I'd expected) but extremely enthusiastic, were amazed at the performance - you could see genuine Love in their eyes at this fantastic gig, and they just couldn't let Arthur go. But after nearly two hours non-stop playing, LOVE left the stage, all having been touched by the performance.

Tell you what - Mike Randle does a good Johnny Echolls too......!

(reviewed by Jared)

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