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The Hollow
Modern Tradition

Bar Blu, Rhyl 10.12.03


(reviewed by Say Hello To The Angels)

After arriving late at Blu to discover that we are late and have missed the fabulous Mr Dusty Moonan (Oh the shame, oh the sadness etc) Modern Tradition are one song into their set and things seem to be going pretty well, they play most of the songs off their first e.p. and a few new ones, as well as a few covers (blurry memories of standing in the toilet and hearing the opening baseline of Billy Jean come flooding back). If you havenít heard this lot yet, they play a kind of punk/nu metal songs, but not in a bad way. The superb guitar work courtesy of Mr Gerallt Ruggiero, is full of fret tapping, soloing and legato runs (that means it's good) and their own songs are on par with any of the covers they play. These are definitely an up and coming name in this area, especially as they have Joe from the mighty Gintis on drums.

The headliners tonight are alt rockers The Hollow, who are by now familiar faces at Blu. They blast through the songs from their first demo including the amazing 'Prove it' and 'Lying Down' as well as a whole host of their other stuff, hopefully meaning that there will be a new demo soon. The sound levels, as usual with Blu, are below par tonight meaning that the performance suffers a bit, and I get the feeling that tonightís performance lacks the energy that it deserves, but all is well apart from 'Prove it' being graced with the lyric 'When your falling you look appalling,' well.... ok, its not that bad..... at least it rhymes. Also they almost succeed in being better than Spinal Tap, as the guitarist tells me of his new amp that goes up to '12,' but the lack of a gigantic devil on stage, or a seven inch stone henge on the stage fails them on that task unfortunately. Lets just hope that next time they have all the necessary props to become better than Spinal Tap, as the music is certainly is.

By Say Hello To the Angels

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