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Vinny Peculiar + Panicking Mannequins + Kneejerk

Bar Blu 15/12/04

Reviewed by Steve Sync


8.45pm sat on my PC playing Rotate Mania (this isn’t a sexual masturbation game), when all of a sudden I get a brain jolt - Why the fuck am I sat on my lazy fat ‘Tricia’ lovin arse, when I could be out drinking and watching live entertainment a short taxi ride away. Off I went on my own tonight as the rest of the Crud Crew were at home feeling their Christmas presents, and emptying their sacks. Very busy in Blu tonight, probably caused by students home for Christmas, and the huge travelling support for Panicking Mannequins (2nd band on tonight). Steve Rastin informed me that Vinny Peculiar had turned up, and Kneejerk were playing a surprise stand in gig, due to Ollie (the skank guitarist) being home from Uni for Christmas, and Gogz not turning up. A concerned looking Ollie approached me before the gig and said that Kneejerk hadn’t had time to practice for tonight’s late notice gig, so not to expect too much. I mentioned to him that this isn’t always a bad thing, as a few years back in Sons Of Selina; we played one of our best gigs ever without a rehearsal due to the added adrenaline rush and urgency to play well created by lack of practice.


I’ve missed Kneejerk, they’ve only been away for 3 or 4 months but it was good to see them at Blu again. They always look like they’re having a good time, and they get their mates up to dance to their set which always improves a gig. Even though this gig was late notice for them, they all looked confident and at ease with what they were playing. It’s been said before but Crud and myself have reviewed this band from their first ever gig 18 months ago, right up to this one, and in that time we’ve seen line up changes, good gigs, and bad gigs, but we’ve also seen the music and talent mature along with this still, very young band, who have the potential to become as great as the bands that inspired them to form Kneejerk. No practice? No problem!


Panicking Mannequins are a duo who sing and play cover versions on guitar and electric piano. I had never heard of them before and with their crowd of supporters in Blu tonight, I would reckon this was their first gig (in a venue like Blu anyway). Now I have made it known in the past that I’m not a huge fan of covers bands, even though I’ve recently been accused of murdering a Beatles song myself albeit 15 years ago. They started off their set, and I recognised most of the covers but I couldn’t remember the names until they started to do ‘Tears In Heaven’ by ‘Eric Clapton’ which is a tribute song to Eric’s young son who died in 1991 falling out of a New York apartment window, which is something I was considering doing myself by the end of their set. I didn’t find them interesting to watch, although I looked around the venue, and everyone else there was enjoying them, I even got caught shaking my head in disgust at them by one of their fans. Well I’m sorry, but I can’t help it!! The best part of their set was when a group of local lads urged their mate to go behind the band, and join in with them on the vacant drum kit, and fair play, when he started drumming, Panicking Mannequins didn’t panic, and carried on.


I had seen Vinny Peculiar play at Blu earlier this year, and I recognised quite a few of his tunes including ‘Everlasting Teenage Bedroom’ and ‘Jesus Stole My Girlfriend’. He puts on a good show ‘in character’ introducing and explaining songs before and after, and his acoustic guitar playing was great, but I’m not a great fan of acoustic sets, and I got bored after a while, and like the last time, he was headlining, so as always my reviews by now get a little hazy because I substituted entertainment for alcohol during the last band. Sorry Vinny, it had to be done.


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