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Bar Blu, Rhyl


(review n pix by neil crud + kneejerk crowd pic by hannah)

Steve Sync phoned to see if I was OK this morning as the kebabs lay side by side on the grille;
’OK?’ I gasped, ‘OK! I have the vision like reading one of those fuzzy lettering t-shirts and a mouth as dry as the Gobi desert.’
Of course, he wasn’t concerned with my Carling intake, which was in high volumes, no, he had the shits & spent the night fighting off stomach cramps as the kebab bit back. No, the kebab settled on The Secretary and I just fine & rounded off a night of loud guitars & flowing lagers. Trip from Newport even prompted the Fatman couple to venture out of summer hibernation & get salacious in a corner of Bar Blu. Gloucester’s Skank T didn’t show up; ‘the van broke down’ they said, but they played to a packed house with Trip in Chester last night. They could’ve walked to Rhyl they were that close! But it did give myself, Sync & Paul Scouse the opportunity to enjoy some stylish, flowing football thanks to Liverpool FC.

So Trip got the top slot and paid the same price most bands do when they appear here; the suffered from the sound problem. This time it was the guitars were too loud for the vocals to be heard & Marcus Warner screamed his way through the largely unappreciated set. Having said that, the numbers remained & watched the band because they are very good & perhaps wasted on a Rhyl audience.
I like Trip for what they’re doing. They, like Midasuno are trying something different to the plethora of South Wales American Punk bands who all sound exactly like Green Day (accent included). As their website elaborately states;
Trip's idea of music and concepts is one of their art being an expression, not just a product, they won’t allow genre boundaries to hinder their progressive soundtrack which includes a myriad of styles.

Like I said, this was lost on a Rhyl crowd, who stayed but largely were not appreciative of Trip & I suppose on a 20 UK tour you’re bound to get the odd gig or two where they don’t get it, they said after the show that they went down like a lead balloon. But I urge you to go to their website and download the songs available as there is something really fucking good about this band.

The crowd were largely here for Kneejerk a band who made their debut across the road at The Dudley Arms a mere 14 months ago, a debut that was probably 3 months too soon, but hard work does pay off, practise does make perfect – well, almost. Kneejerk have that fun element to their set, a frontman not afraid to tell you like it is, and usually like it ain’t as well. Tonight was a swan song for the departing Ollie, the bespectacled guitarist who wants to better himself has decided selling bananas is not a career & University offers far more opportunities. The band are continuing & I still await, as we all do, some decently recorded material, please!
The highlight was when about 12 groupies all got up to sing as front man Andy conducted them through their paces, definitely a fun band and they do it with a smile on their faces

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