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Bristol Academy - 24.06.05

Review by Guy Salvador

Had been really looking forward to this show, from one of the original CBGB, New York mid Ė late seventies bands who have been directly credited, along with the Ramones, Richard Hell, Heartbreakers, Talking Heads, Patti Smith etc. As some of the catalysts for our own politicised British punk rock I have had a copy of their album Marquee Moon from that period, along with a treasured 12" red vinyl "Foxhole" single, but, had never managed to catch the band live before. To my knowledge they havenít played the UK very often anyway, so, this was seen to be a bit of a treat. The band only doing a few gigs in the UK whilst over for their appearance @ the Royal Festival Hall, London as part of the "Patti Smith" week. Before I get into the review of the "Television" show tonight, the support bands name was "Nixon & the Burn". A 3 piece band with good tunes, very well played & well received. Unfortunately for them the venue is unusually sparse of punters, although this didnít deter the band from delivering a fast energetic set. It also didnít surprise me to find that whilst looking at their free CD that was being given away at the gig, which I havenít had a chance to play yet but will, looking at the sleeve notes that they have been recording at "Sawmill studios" in Fowey Cornwall. This is the studio used by "Supergrass" for their first album "I should Coco" & there are some definite resemblances here, donít think itís just that they are a 3 piece? Nixon & the Burn are generally heavier, more like a cross with Modey Lemon, but thereís a definite connection. So, overall, a thumbs up & a recommendations to catch this band when you can, I think weíll be hearing more from them.

As I mentioned I was looking forward to seeing "Television" but what a disappointmentÖ.. There was so much wrong with the show, first of all it was like watching a few kids at a rehearsal who hadnít quite got the hang of tuning their guitars, infuriating after every single song & even stopping during songs & starting again. Also a general feel that they didnít really want to be there. Along with this the band sounded, apart from the few songs they played of the excellent Marquee Moon album like a dodgy old fellaís R&B band at your local pub. It was self indulgent 10 minute long nonsense! I suppose I walk away having seen Television play "Marquee Moon" "Prove it" "See no Evil" & "Friction" but it wasnít worth the seemingly hours of boredom between, didnít even stay for the encore.

Unfortunately for me a legend smashed & a huge disappointment, time for the slippers & couch fellaís.


All the best


Guy Salvador


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