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North Wales Theatre, Llandudno 01.12.04

(Reviewed by - Mr & Mrs John Beverage)

We could hardly contain the excitement within ourselves on the long drive down to Llandudno from Mochdre. Status Quo were passing through North Wales again once more, and we weren’t going to miss them this time after Mrs B’s hip operation denied us from seeing them last time. We did very well for time as Mrs B’s travel sickness tablets kicked in around Penrhyn Bay, so we didn’t have to stop for her to spray liver and onions over the Little Orme like so many times before. We arrived at the Theatre, and it was nice to see a wide variety of people of all ages, handicaps, and illnesses gathering together with the same common interest, of witnessing the greatest rock & roll show on earth, performed by these iconic rock legends (Status Quo). We just had time for half a bitter top, and a sweet sherry to settle Mrs B’s stomach, before we were told to find our seats for the start of tonight’s entertainment.

A young man named Mike Peters took to the stage and sang and played us a few of his songs on his autistic guitar. He was very pleasant, and very polite when he spoke to the audience, and he reminded me in many ways of my nephew Paul who also played the autistic guitar, but has recently moved to Cheltenham. Between songs Mike would tell us stories about the songs, and his career with his band The Alarm, which I found and I’m sure the rest of the audience found fascinating. Nearing the end of his set, he even got a hand full of people to join in singing ‘45 RPM’ in the chorus of the same titled song, and his charm wafted around the room until he had the whole audience by their sweetbreads, until, from out of nowhere, he accidentally bleated out the ‘F’ word, which made Mrs B choke on her lozenge, and I’m sure he lost a lot of new friends in doing so.

The lights came back up for the interval, and it was then I noticed that Mrs B and myself had in fact been sitting next to Vicki Michelle from TV’s ‘Allo, ‘Allo, and Sinbad from Brookside. They asked us if it was the interval now, to which I replied yes, as they turned and hotfooted their way to the bar, and after the ‘F’ word incident, Mrs B also looked like she needed another sweet sherry to calm her nerves.

Back to our seats, and the keyboard intro started up which built up to the climactic point where the huge curtain hiding the stage dropped down to reveal - Status Quo and a mass of amplifiers right across and above the stage. The intro to Caroline started up and bang, the first of many classic rock songs were powerfully and clinically, banged out yet again by this superb bunch of old timers who never give up or give in!

The set list tonight included - Caroline, Something 'bout you baby I like, 4500 times, Hold you back, Thinking of you, Roll over lay down, Down Down, Whatever you want, Rockin all over the world, and Paper Plane to name but a few.

Everyone knew exactly what they were going to get from tonight’s show – Value for money. I even waited for a poorer song (one that Rick sings) to go for a well needed waz, and coming out of the toilets, I couldn’t help but notice a handful of young men just stood at the bar talking, while Status Quo were performing the other side of the wall. What a waste of a ticket!! Some people just don’t know which side their bread is buttered on.

There was a smile on every face that left the theatre tonight, and Mrs B and myself thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Mrs B even requested a Tour T Shirt as a memento before we left, until I noticed it was the same price as a weekly Tesco’s shopping trip. Fuck that! I thought, at least Mike Peters was giving away free albums!


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