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Nottingham Rock City 21st January

Birmingham Academy 22nd 23rd January

Shepherds Bush Empire London 24th 25th January

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"Perverts on your knees for what you are about to receive…"


The last 10 years have been cruel to England’s Finest. Brit pop came and cool Britannia ruled the NME and the Maker and one of the most innovative and original British acts of the last 20 years bid a not particularly fond farewell.

Times have indeed been stranger since – Their split gave us Bentley Rhythm Ace. Their split gave us Clint Mansell the Hollywood film Composer. Their split went pretty much unnoticed by all but local press and fans and here, it was going to seem, finished the story.

But no – after rumours, fuelled and encouraged by the brilliant (good man Tezzer) shows were announced, tickets were sold out, flights from Australia, America and Japan (to name a few) were booked and over 8000 Poppies fans, over 5 days, came together to create something very…very special.

"Music ladies and gentlemen, is the gift of god…"


..And here is how the show began!! Maybe its because they are among friends. Maybe because they know they can’t fail but what we are treated to is a pure joy to watch and hear. Much like The Wonderstuff shows of late 2000 there is a real family vibe in the venue and this makes for one hell of a party down the front, at the sides and right up at the back!

The back catalogue is given a thorough investigation including everything you would expect from a PWEI show ("Def.Con one", "There is No Love", "Ich Bin Ein Auslander" to name a few) and more than enough surprises ("Oh Grebo I think I love you" and "Beaver Patrol" anyone???)

A stunning lighting rig strobes and pans across the venue, blinding and impressing with equal measure while the now infamous Designers Republic imagery is scrolled across the backdrop, mirroring the thousands of beaten and faded t-shirts facing back at the stage.

Each track an anthem for a generation – each track drowned out by the noise from the floor and the nosebleeds – each track a shiver up the spine as the game of "what next" starts to get played through the front rows. The sense of anticipation rising, the roof lifted and the delight of a few thousand launched back towards the band. Feels like Karma? You betcha baby!!


"The Power exists in everyone…"


So 5 shows in 5 nights and it was all over – Exhausted and still in awe of a gig experience unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed. This was more than a pogo down memory lane. This was more than resurrecting memories of pints of snakebite and ex girlfriends in stripey tights. It was more than painted Doc Martins and red dreadlocks. Yes there was an element of nostalgia to it all, but there was something more. This was a genuine moment when music ahead of its time finally didn’t look out of place. How we all need a band like this today. Innovative, intelligent and armed with damn good party soundtrack.

Now who’s for hitting the message boards with rumours of new material??……


Set list (Shepherds Bush Empire January 24th)

The Incredible PWEI V’s The Moral Majority

Preaching to the Perverted

Wise Up! Sucker

Get the Girl! Kill The Baddies

88 Seconds… And still counting


Kick To Kill

Wake Up! Time to Die

Ich Bin Ein Auslander

There is No Love Between Us Anymore

Eat Me Drink Me Love Me Kill Me

Can U Dig It?

Everything’s Cool

Not now James, We’re Busy

Their Law


There’s a Psychopath in My Soup

Oh Grebo, I think I love You

Sweet Sweet Pie

Beaver Patrol

Def.Con One

Dance of the Mad Bastards

Urban Futuristic



Additional Tracks Played on Tour


Organ Accumulator

Harry Dean Stanton


The Black Country Chainstore Massacre


Axe of Men


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