CRUDCREW: Andy Fatman & Mrs Fatman


Having packed ‘Mini Fatlass’ off overnight to the in-laws, a soundtrack of Kasapian, Killers & Carling sees us easing our way through the now infamous A55 roadworks to the Carling endorsed Apollo in Ardwick, with just enough time to spare for a double round, before staking our spot near the front, stage right.

"Get Ready For Love" is the first, blistering treat, we’re offered from the newly released 2 album set "The Abattoir Blues"/ "The Lyre Of Orpheus".

Mrs Fatman was born ready, with a cheeky glint in her eye…(is it because were childfree for the night, maybe it’s for Mr Cave, maybe it’s for me….as long as I figure in there somewhere, hey?!)

The stage is set for more of the same, bolstered by an extended Bad Seed line-up & a backing choir with smart use of stage-side lighting projecting 40ft silhouettes of our host.

When "Messiah Ward" offers the lines "I hope you’re sitting comfortably, I saved you the best seats in the house", you can only think that the 35yrs+ audience would be grateful if they were sat down anywhere.

Polite applause& between song silences are only broken by Caves banter with the one or three calling for old titles.

"The Lyre Of Orpheus" strikes up and breaks down (3 times) with Cave forgetting the words, "we’ll go back to that one…"

Irony, anyone?

The ice seems broken as "Supernaturally" brings much handclapping on & off stage. Again, "Abattoir Blues", bridges mournful moments with cries of europhoria.

"There she goes, My beautiful world ", brings everything to a shuddering halt, and then they’re gone.

The pantomine of the encore, begins with the clangs of "Red Right Hand" & jingle-jangles into "Deannna". Sing-a-long-a-Goth anthem, "The Weeping Song", is warmly received, as is the reminder that "God Is In The House", as if we didn’t already guess it!

A rarely/barely rehearsed "Stagger Lee", opens up the second encore, followed by the knickerwetting "Into My Arms", which sees Mrs Fatman legging it back from the toilets, with barely enough time to re arrange herself.

I now suggest, sulkingly, that we try beat the crowds, feeling sure that "The best Nick Cave song/The best Johnny Cash cover version (NIN’s "Hurt" is a close second) will alas, not be played tonight, I’m halted in my tracks as arguably the finest version of "The Mercy Seat" is unleashed, stirring the neck-hairs of 3,000 goths, ex-goths, solilicitors, accountants , bakers, and local government officers


"GOD IS IN THE HOUSE." ……Probably

"DO YOU LOVE ME?"…… Almost certainly .