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NME Tour, Birmingham Carling Academy, 14/01//05

(reviewed by Kat-y Pie)

 The line-up for this yearís NME tour was Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc Party, The Futureheads and The Killers. Despite only wanting to see The Futureheads, we decided to go, planning to leave before Shed Seven-a-likes, The Killers came on.


We missed Kaiser Chiefs, as we were queuing for the guestlist, which is deplorable. Making us queue with members of the public! I have only heard one Kaiser Chiefs song. It is quite poor. They rhyme "lairy" with "tell thee". Consequently the only review I can give of Kaiser Chiefs is a sartorial one, as we saw the singer in the aftershow. My verdict is that the man wears dreadful trousers. You may think this doesnít matter, that itís all about the music. This is not the case. It is all about the trousers. Get dreadful trousers out of rock!!


We got into the venue just after Bloc Party took to the stage. Iíve heard a few of their songs but I never realise it is Bloc Party and always have to ask who it is. I do quite like them, but I was slightly disappointed. I expected a lot more energy from them. Maybe the tour was taking its toll or maybe I expect too much. The kids were all enjoying it though so they got a great response.


Next up were The Futureheads, the band I had actually come to see. Their songs are great, and provide excellent dancing material in the indie disco. Plus they are from the northeast so have fantastical accents (I actually got excited when I heard one of them saying "Iíll just have a cola", such is my love of regional accents). Each song is so full of energy and it really reflected it their performance. Gigs are made so much more enjoyable when bands are really enjoying themselves, or at least appear to be (take note BRMC). Also four-part harmonies rule. There was lots of crowd participation, the best of which was during their cover of "Hounds of Love". The crowd was split in two to do backing vocals. It was a very fun gig. I really recommend anyone who has the chance to see them, does so. And buy their album for dancing around the room fun.


Finally, The Killers. I donít understand all the fuss about them. No matter what anyone says, I just donít get it. Itís not that they are particularly bad; itís just that they really are nothing special. Its just bland indie music. I had hoped to leave before they came on, but the aftershow hadnít started and I didnít want to wait outside so I decided to observe. Naturally everyone went mental when they played "Somebody Told Me". After that, the sound seemed to be muffled, the songs were dull and I think a number of people lost interest. They would probably be a lot better on a smaller stage, but that wouldnít stop their songs from being absolute shite. Have you heard "Indie Rock and Roll"? Itís just terrible.


In conclusion, Kaiser Chiefs wear bad trousers, Bloc Party need to try harder, but have a hot singer, The Futureheads are aceness and The Killers are poo. And also, I have come to suspect that my housemate, Marianne, is hiring mentally unstable drunkards to stand next to me at gigs. If you are reading this, young lady, I am aware of what you are doing.


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