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The Duels / Moscow / Khagool


Cardiff Barfly 02/07/05

Reviewed by Guy Salvador



First band up tonight are the mighty "Khagool". Incredible really that this band are doing opening shows at the Barfly, they are quality & as importantly, different from the normal guitar bashers you find haunting smaller venues. From the first bars of the excellent "Alpha Beta" you know you are being taken on a trip, even at 8 oíclock in the Barfly it works. I reviewed the band a while ago and was very impressed, with their songs & overall show, which I continue to be. A very short set tonight due to their billing, with a new song thrown in, sounded like a psychedelic Gary Numan on acid, shit, that makes it sound not very good, but it is, I assure you! Again a mention for this bands rhythm section, excellent stuff & I look forward to following the bands meteoric rise! Would be ideal as a support on a Super Furries tour!

Second up were "Moscow" who I also reviewed a while back. Made sure I hauled myself away from the bar to get a look tonight & yes, this band are good & improving. Itís sort of a mainstream indie rock, which isnít overly inspiring to me but, particularly with the last track they play, there are signs that with a bit more subtlety & control this band could become very popular indeed. Iím sure they can keep busy & build up a healthy following for themselves in South Wales.

Headline band tonight are "The Duels" from Leeds. Billed as the "Kaiser Chiefs" best mates. Listening to them I can understand why. Nothing wrong with it, a modern sort of rockier Northern Madness type of thing, but a sound that is familiar to me having the misfortune to have to suffer the music channels on sky to regularly! Saying this, I liked "The Duels", not enough to buy their records or anything but it was good live, which is what you go to gigs for anyway! They dress nice & smart & trendy & I think the kids will love em!


All the best


Guy Salvador


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