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Being the ultimate in rock and roll it was only natural that I would be travelling to London in style. Yes, I was going on the Megabus. One whole pound for a single fare. This meant that I could buy wine and a Subway for the journey. We boarded the bus and 4 minutes later I had eaten my Subway, scoring a Personal Best. We passed the time by annoying those sat behind and in front, playing Guess Who? You can be anyone you want. Throughout the journey we were Lulu, Dave Gintis and 1980s boyband Big Fun. After arriving in London, we made our way over to Elephant and Castle for tonightís gig- Love Music Hate Racism Presents The Cooper Temple Clause and Babyshambles. After several hours in Wetherspoons, we went to the Tardis-like Coronet. What we had thought to be a small venue was infact a big theatre. The band on when we arrived was apparently called Rhythm Kings, who sang for around an hour about being gay and were trying too hard to be fashionable. The set was boring and the crowd rapidly tired.

Now despite being billed as headliners, The Cooper Temple Clause were next up. I was at the front, despite wearing 4" heels. This is dedication. We had been informed before the gig that they were only playing for half an hour, which was a tad disappointing. The set was-

Been Training Dogs


Same Mistakes

New Toys

Music Box

Promises Promises

It was a good set and the crowd got into it but it just too short. No Panzer Attack, no Lets Kill Music. Music Box was immense as usual. Half an hour later they left the stage.

I had no desire to watch Babyshambles (Pete Doherty of Libertines fameís "band"). I find the entire thing repulsive. I sat on a step at the back by the bar and witnessed a set of sub-standard Libertines B-sides, which were instantly forgettable. There seemed to be around 10 people stood on the stage doing nothing. I just didnít get it so we headed to the VIP bar just because we could.


Tonight we were going to the Barfly in Camden for MTV2 Gonzo On Tour featuring The 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster. We headed into Kensington to look for famouses but we didnít see anyone. Not even Will Young having coffee with friends. Disappointed we went over to Camden to laugh at Goths. After a few drinks, we got to the Barfly for guest list drama. We appeared to not be on it, but we got in anyway, possibly on someone elseís place.

First band up were Maximo Park, who were not some US emo band, but infact were from Newcastle and played what appeared to be art punk Britpop. Good to dance to, but a tad boring. And the bassist was just wrong.

The second band were Modey Lemon, who I highly recommend. A Three-piece featuring a six string bass and a moog, they are very loud and were excellent. Unfortunately I was put off by Zane Loweís hip-hop stylings down the front. Have a listen.

Finally it was time for 80ís matchbox. I had managed to coordinate my belt with one of their guitar straps. Hurrah. They played a good mix of old and new material. Kicking off with Rise of the Eagles. The new album "The Royal Society" is going to be amazing, if only for one song! Itís called Puppy and it is the best song ever written. The crowd went a bit mad and I feared for my shoes. As ever 80ís Matchbox were on top form, absolutely amazing.

It is the law that after going to the barfly, you must go to The Marathon Bar. Its 24hr, itís a kebab shop, it sells alcohol. The dream has been realised. I bought a battered sausage whilst Zane Lowe serenaded me with Pavement. Then I fell asleep on the night bus. The End.


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