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Bar Blu, Rhyl

(review n pix by neil crud)

'Hey Neil are you going to be reviewing us tonight?'
Said the voice as I was quietly making my way to the newsagents for some chewies. Shit! I've been accosted by faces I don't know and they're asking me if I'm reviewing them!
'…err, it depends on how good you are and how pissed I'm not.' I undiplomatically replied.

The accosters were Dressed Naked. A very very young band (I noticed Farleys Rusks in the van) from Rhyl, Kinmel Bay and Denbigh, who regularly cyber-harrass me over gigs and websites etc. And that's good, I like bands who harrass me, it shows they're eager, willing to sell themselves, or perhaps big headed enough to be forthcoming but humble enough to take your opinion.

Dressed Naked have put it about for a few months but I did think, 'Oh bollocks, the cute blonde groupie bird even gave me a t-shirt and they open their fucking set with 'The Boys Are Back In Town', and a bad version of it to boot!'
Y'see, in Denbigh, you'd not only get away with doing that, you'd probably get people asking for your autograph after the show as well, but this is Rhyl, the (ahem!) cutting edge of the music scene, and rule number one is if you're gonna do a cover, then take the wrapping off first, put it through the mincer and bake on Gas Mark 11. Also invest in the Book of Cover Versions You Should Never Do (available in all bad bookshops), you'll find 'Boys Are Back in Town' in Chapter One.
Rant aside, Dressed Naked are a band in apprenticeship, they're learning their trade and want to know how they're doing, and even asked for opinions on my Message Board - someone did echo my opinion on the opening song and also said they were shaky for the first few songs but got much better as the gig went on. My sentiments exactly, in fact I could leave it at that cos that's how it went.
I think it was band member Parry who replied to the post and said it was nerves that made them shaky, and yes, to a young band, playing in Blu in front of a pretty big crowd it could be quite daunting to begin with. After all, the place is prestigious, the press (heh heh!) were there, so first night nerves are forgiven, particularly as the singer, Colin sounds like Jack Sharp! But these are early days and the sizeable audience, stayed, watched and appreciated a young band going through their paces with high points and lows. I liked the way the songs ran into each other.

They got better as they got into it, and the 'Its So Easy' song has gotta be a cover, it's so good - please tell me it's your own! By the end they were on cruise control and maybe Dressed Naked could cut the wheat from the chaff and concentrate on the stronger material. They've got the marketing, great t-shirts, website, flyers, enthusiasm and they caught me just for a moment right at the end. I looked up from my little book and captured the buzz, them playing and the crowd buzzing. I'm glad to say I was there, I hope one day to brag that I was there to see Dressed Naked during their embryonic days. 

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