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Swallows + Jaded Youth

Wednesday 30th June

Bar Blu, Rhyl

Reviewed by Steve Sync


Haven’t been here for a few weeks, and the place is full of new faces. Tonight was billed as a punk night, and you had a few local punk faces checking out tonight’s bands who were both from out of our area, you also had a selection of strangers who looked like they’d been in prison as recently as that morning. Also I think this time of year, you have the new lease of school leavers, and young un’s that were turned away last year, trying their luck at getting into Blu this time round (Syncs Top Tips: height or facial hair essential for the lads, stunning beauty or flesh for the girls).

Jaded Youth (or as I thought the introduction through the Blu PA said ‘Jamie Diouf’) started their set with little or no interest from the fairly decent turn out in Blu. Like any 3 piece band, you need to play more on the few instruments available to create a big powerful sound, and after a few songs in, they started to gain more attention from us. As I’ve said a few times in past reviews, punk bands never seem to go down that well in Blu, but you can bet Jaded Youth would go down a storm on a punk in drublic night in The Dudley.

I must apologise to Swallows, for not staying to the end of their set, as Paul Scouse (my chauffeur for the evening), The Dean, and myself, all had a hard tiring day and left early. Swallows were more ‘In Yer Face’ compared to Jaded Youth. They had a powerful sound, and churned through their well-rehearsed set of punk by numbers tracks. They seemed to go down well enough, perhaps they had brought a travelling audience with them, or alcohol had loosened up the earlier stern local faces. All of these comments have been made purely from the impression I got as I was sat at the back of the venue through their set. I promise to stay to the end of the next gig I review.



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