Nutonic + Minusoneraver + ???

Bar Blu 28/07/04

Review & pix by Steve Sync

Don’t know the name of the first act on tonight, so I left Crud to review them as he was leaving early tonight (drainage in the lower field problems again).

Crud : I left so early I only caught 2 songs - in a punk mould and very loud ear hurting vocals - anyone who wears a Dickies t-shirt is a friend of mine, plus a girl drummer, of which there ain't enough of - we've only got the currently unemployed Spikey Cat and the girl from Sonic State beating the skins at present. More please! (pic below)

I was eager to put my new digital camera to good use, so I brought it along to Blu for its christening. Minusoneraver (if that was the 2nd band on tonight, pic below) started their set, and they looked and sounded like they were going to immediately impress us with their mid paced rock anthems. The female vocalist/acoustic guitar did have a great voice when you could hear it fully through the feedback prone Blu PA, but after 2 or 3 songs, I felt as if I wasn’t being given anything new or different than the songs I already heard them play. Don’t get me wrong, but they have a ‘sound’ and they’re sticking to it (imagine Evanescence crossed with Alanis Morissette) which is great if you have a travelling fan base all dedicated to this sound, but a very fickle Blu crowd aren’t as faithful, so numbers at the front dwindled slightly. I was impressed when near the end of their set, the vocalist switched from guitar to keyboards, which gave their sound a new dimension. One of the last songs they played was a cover of Skunk Anansie’s – Weak As I Am which is a great song in its own right, but a big ask, to cover it well. The vocalists voice was nowhere near as powerful as Skin’s but she sang this song very well, and this was indeed, a highpoint of the evening for me.

The last time I saw Nutonic, (pic top of page) was at The Breeding Ground a few years ago. Back then, they had a reputation for being very professional, and taking their music very seriously indeed. I believe around this time Nutonic moved to the monopoly board that is London, and are apparently still residing there, so tonight’s gig was not only a North Walian homecoming, but also a showcase of their progression and achievements over the last few years. They banged straight into their fist song, and you’d swear they’d swapped the PA for a better model (maybe they did, much alcohol was had by this time). Their sound was spot on as far as I; a very critical sound anorak was concerned. This was one of the best live sound quality shows, I’ve ever seen in Blu and I can’t take anything away from the band in this area. They also look the part, and put in some effort in their performance, which does lack in many of the ‘stand still’ bands that perform in Blu. I must add though, like Minusoneraver, Nutonic also have a ‘sound’ and yes, most bands do, but I don’t fall for certain types of music, which may just be a personal trait of mine, and Nutonic fall into this category. They certainly went down a storm in Blu tonight, with most of the crowd fully in the palms of their hands. They played until after midnight, which was when I realised that my usual lift home (Paul Scouse) was not driving and getting merrily pissed with The Dean (Great photo of his party piece below), which led me to walk home still listening to Nutonic’s last song as I crossed Vale Road bridge. I said I’d stay until the end of the next gig I review!

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