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Ocean Colour Scene
Jimmy Cliff

Old Trafford, Manchester


(review by Spikey Cat + pix by Dave Kent)

Anyone for coffee?

Having been out to bar blu on Wednesday night to see very impressive ska "the once over", I was looking forward to going to see madness the next day. Managed to get a couple of cd’s off them, and warned them about my arch enemy who they’d be playing for the next night in Liverpool. So, sat in the kitchen with my dad on Thursday morning, the outlook wasn’t looking too good, it was pissin’ buckets! So, off I went to pack the boot of my car with all the extra clothes, shoes, coats, umbrellas… yeah… you get the jist of it, being a girl, I always pack too much wherever I go! Then I was off to Liverpool to pick up Tom, pissed it down all the way there, visibility down to "crap, nearly drove into the back of him"… (can you tell my driving’s crap? If not, you’ll see me at wasted next weekend in my neck brace after rolling my car into a ditch this weekend. Gutted!"

After getting lost twice on about a million different motorways, I found my way to Lancashire County Cricket Club, or, yeah, Old Trafford. Dad had told me it was nowhere near the football stadium, which was weird, because when I was eating in pizza hut, I looked one way towards the cricket club, and the other way was the football stadium. I don’t think my Dad’s too good at this directions lark!!

After much messin around getting beer tokens, which I couldn’t get in the end, because I look too young, we went to see the first band, "Ozomatli" , I believe they’re from somewhere in America, I don’t really know what I thought of them, but I got bored pretty fast. There was a lot of them, playing horns, with some sort of mixing deck, and a million MC’s. It was a bit much for me, especially as I hadn’t even had a drink yet! I saw them jump into the crowd a bit later into their set, not that there was much of a crowd, but I know they played sesame street. Yeah, ozomatli, if they’re playing, make your way to the bar!!

Next up, the Stranglers, I’d been looking forward to seeing them since I found out they were playing. Unfortunately, they didn’t match up to my expectations. They played some favourites, or, the songs the burberry kings and queens were there to hear, golden brown, peaches, something better change… as well as some new stuff, which, I’m not too sure about, but it sounded pretty good! About half way through the set, Paul Roberts started stripping off, which, erm, we weren’t very impressed anyway! He looked like some sort of Iggy Pop/Jackie Chan hybrid! It seemed like a cue for some overweight band members to start stripping off too, which wasn’t at all fun, especially as it was freezing and raining! Nevermind! I guess I am still angry that they didn’t play No More Heroes!! To round up, I suppose they were good, but I was expecting something a bit more magical.

A quick trip to the toilets and some sort of moving kebab shop thing, it was time for reggae legend Jimmy Cliff. Yes, he was amazing!!! It was like watching the oracle or jesus or something. Very magical indeed. Shame he couldn’t perform real miracles and get the sun to come out!! Definitely worth going to see him again I think, we all had a good time there.

Ocean Colour scene were second to last, opening with the riverboat song. And carried on playing the same sort of nonsense, and some new material. Don’t get me wrong, they were good, really tight, and knew exactly what they were doing. Its just not my thing I’m afraid. They didn’t have the same stage presence as Jimmy Cliff. But then, they had a hard act to follow!! I only saw half the set, as I think I spent most of it talking to Sweeney dead pets about his gammy arm. He’s got DVT, and looks like he’s been grave digging, and nicked some dead guys arm and stapled it to his jacket. Strange!! He was up for devising some sort of spooky scheme for the Wasted festival, involving a skull and a fishing rod and my boyfriend. I think I lost concentration through this conversation, or maybe I was distracted by a man dressed completely in 2-tone!!! Oh, I still managed to sing along to The Day We Caught the Train. My Dad would have liked that band.

Madness seemed to take forever to come onstage. It had warmed up a bit by this time, the sun was peeping through at last! So we’re all putting our skankin’ shoes on, and yes, it was worth it! Saying they were fantastic would be an understatement. Baggy Trousers, Our House, It must be Love, One Step Beyond, House of Fun, Driving in my Car, My Girl’s Mad at Me… Yes, you missed a show of a lifetime! They covered the beatles Help, Israelites, and after two encores, and annoying everyone in the blocks of flats and houses nearby, they finished with Madness… Madness… They call it Madness…. Truly amazing show. Next time Madness play, I’m definitely gonna be there, even if my car is still in a state!

By the way, I got lost for 3 hours in Manchester, and once again ended up in Stockport, as well as many other places I did not want to go to! Does anybody want to buy me satellite navigation? (maybe it’ll keep me away from those damn hedges!!)


Spikeycat. I know I talk too much.

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