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BAR BLU, RHYL 27.04.04

(review by Dave Cox)

I was asked by Crud to review Lantern as he had to get home to record Club Reps, so i did.
Lets get all the p.c. bollocks out of the way, 'Lantern are good at what they do, just not my cup of tea'. Their song with the line 'you dont know me, you dont know a thing' ("Johnny's Song" i think its called) is apparently their reply to The Cox song "Whats The Point In Johnny?".
I do know you Johnny, i was in your class in college for a year (remember?).
Its hard to give an un-biased review because my hate for Johnny really makes me want to rip them completely. The thing is, if every band was reviewed (based on personality) then I'm sure my band would get ripped left, right an centre! So whats more important? Music or down to earth, anti-rockstars?
Well 'in my opinion' I hate the music an they all wanna be rockstars. I know for a fact they'll use a bad review like this to sympathise with their barely legal followers an avail with more respect.
They probably will get somewhere because they play the sort of stuff that generation wants to hear, with obvious influeces like 'Placebo', 'Radiohead' and in some songs 'Man Or Astro-Man?'. I think a lot of the younger Kerrang readers don't really question music like the older lot did ('back int day') they just accept it if its got a alternative label on it, in order to be alternative themselves, so im sure Lantern will do nicely (while this music's in fashion).


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