Modern Tradition

Jives Room


Dean Death!

Bar Blu Rhyl 15 – 7 –04

(review by Paul Scouse Git Hammond)

With Neil Crud still chasing sheep around the fields of his newly acquired ‘Crud Cottage’ and Ste Sync probably not far behind him it was left to myself and The Dean to keep the flag flying for the Dinosaur Brigade!

Another good turn out at Blu tonite and plenty of totty too! Always helps to have something nice to look at if the bands are crap! None of tonight’s bands were crap though so my focus remained on the music with only the occasional glance at the excellent scenery!

First up were Modern Tradition of whom I know absolutely nothing about prior to this evening. One of the Gintis lads said to me they normally always play covers, I didn’t hear anything I recognised. What I did see and hear was a very young looking band, all at ease with their instruments, with a good dirty sound with some good tunes too. Nothing that blew me away but judging by their age they’re still developing so it will be worth watching how they progress.

I’ve seen Jives Room before and like last time I really liked them. It’s not a sound you can label which is good. I spoke to Kyle later on and said that they were a ‘very clever band’, 3 guitarists which must be a nightmare, yet it works. Having played the venue several times now they’ve also mastered the sound levels which makes or breaks good bands at Blu. I also mentioned to Kyle that I was glad to see he has kept Jives Room going despite his role with Gintis. If I can level one criticism at the band it was that they played too long, it’s Nitpicky but I was sat with Flynch and could see them them irritatingly watching their watches seeing if they were going to get to play before the evening was over. Bit of advice lads… sometimes less is more, leave your audience wanting!

Flynch did eventually get on, although very late. I know this band very well. They played at The Breeding Ground at probably one of the best nights ever when they performed with Carpet and Dive. Tonight they didn’t get their sound right. I couldn’t hear any bass or keyboards. Like so many other good bands who come it was a shame for them cos I know they’re a very capable, talented outfit and very good lads too, so I’m not going to slate them on this performance.

Talking of performance! On entering the venue tonight, the 1st words out of The Deans mouth were " I need a chair!". Miserable old bastard! 10 pints and 3 bands later he decides to warm up for the forthcoming PSST gigs by taking to the dance floor for two whole Prodigy tracks and letting rip with a full on Dean Death impersonation of Keith Flint! He absolutely terrified half the audience!!!!! He did his bit, left the dancefloor to applause and handshakes, grabbed his pint, oh and of course his chair!

No wonder Steve Rastin is looking a worried man, The Dean is back and he’s madder than ever!