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Old Hall, Penrhyn Bay 03.04.04

(review by MWJ)

Massively entertaining evening as usual, even without excessive alcohol due to sacking the bike and driving again. Seemed less of a turnout than recent months, maybe weather related, but also a different mix of fresh faces in.

Lowlife UK broke the ice in fine style with some driving old school, great sound on the night, and energy belying their advanced years (he he!). Relentless rhythms from bassist Andy, "Johnny Vegas of punk" on guitar, and catchy shout along vocals from Beaker. Though political songs had been ditched for ones about beer drinking that was forgiven because as far as entertainment goes they had it sussed, the enjoyment was tangible. Funniest off the cuff banter heard in a while, especially about not feeling as bad about coming from Bradford after seeing Colwyn Bay. Giving a man-tit w*nk to the mike was not a pretty sight but a great laugh all the same.

Memories of A Thousand Fake Heroes former incarnation as 0898 from the West Shore days came flooding back when they started playing, especially "f*ucked up world" featured on the Llandudno Calling compilation. Whilst re-branded still seemed much the same, intelligently melodic, bright, generally mid-paced music, with a strident vocal. Some ingredients were making me think of early Manic Street Preachers, but personally thatís not going to move me much. While the contrast could be appreciated weíve been so inundated with the harder core recently that this seemed to lack impact. They were OK.

The name has been seen in circulation for a long time now, for a while I wondered if they were influenced by Nick Cave after his song ("I stuck a six inch gold blade in the head of a girl"), but apart from a bit of a shared dark, sleazy vibe apparently not. Goldblade gathered their congregation to the church of up-tempo rockíníroll and packed out the dance floor. In their sharp suits and with plenty of swagger and swing they definitely started to kick out the jams fine style with "do you believe in the power of rockíníroll" and their full-on show was bringing smiles of appreciation all round.

Only to be rudely interrupted by some teenage scally pr*ck who wanted a fight with Dave Cox, cos heíd punched his mate cos heíd punched him, etc. Anyway, in an appropriate playground style there was an instant pile-on/"love-in" and he was escorted from the premises. However, there was lots of lingering glowering and the feeling that there was going to be round 2 after the show, as spastic aggressive kids probably brain deadened by techno didnít know when to admit defeat rather than get an even bigger kicking. All a pointless distraction to the entertainment of the evening, and will be a serious piss-off if becomes a feature of future events. If so, D&Bíll have to unfortunately re-consider door policy, I mean some dick in a track suit and baseball cap is not there for the tunes, just to sell drugs.

Goldblade were more than capable of dragging the attention back again, heavy rocking tunes with catchy vocal hooks from the muscle bound front man, bouncing away at the front, the rest of the band exuding energy as well. Two similarities brought to mind were with Gallon Drunk and Rocket from the Crypt, but their tunes had their own thing going for them. Certainly seemed to fly through their set anyway, stand-outs the likes of "strictly hardcore" and "AC/DC" (not itís title apparently!), and when seeming to pause for an encore were loudly encouraged to do 4 more songs, including the excellent "Black Elvis", finally ending with their anthem "m*therf*ucker" to much applause.

Left the many happy folks inside to pass the "angry young men" outside, including, laughably, reinforcements called in on scooters. Thatís entertainment.



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