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Dudley Arms, Rhyl


(review by Neil Crud, pic by Semichilled)

Homespun ply their trade out of town, they’ve grown up apart from the rest of the scene, whether voluntary or involuntary is open to debate. They don’t suffer fools gladly, don’t get on with the majority of other bands & have no desire to either. So when they gave me a call to see if I could find them a support band for the night (not a thing I normally get involved in), I knew it would be an uphill task. You’d get one band say, ‘ No we’re not playing with them.’ And you’d get Homespun saying the same thing about another band.
When a nobber from the Beautiful South decides they like the name Homespun, the might of the record company comes down & tells the scummy Rhyl band to shove off, its our name now. A fuss is kicked up, cash is flashed & Homespun change their name to Fear ‘n’ Loathing, so it is a case of re-launching yourselves, thankfully FNL have a good dedicated team behind them & the task shouldn’t be as difficult.
I last saw The Cox on my birthday in 2001, like me, they were sloppy, disorganised & basically out for a laugh, my problem since then is that’s the image that has stuck with me for the last 2 years. I’ve not taken them seriously, it’s like remembering someone from school who was a complete arsehole, you expect them to be the same later in adult life, when invariably they’re not; except of course in my case.
The Cox, surprised & amazed me, expecting that same arsehole from school, I got instead a mature young adult who knew where he was going in life, not quite there but definitely on the right track. This is perhaps not the way to describe a gobbing punk band but The Cox are for sure serious about the way they’re going to have a laugh. With 1.30min punk songs that rip through a set that was too long for their own good, this 3 piece have set out their stall to assault your senses, & with the help of a PA far too big for this room, assault them they did. 10/10 as they say in the NME when they’re trying to get a shag out of the band.

homespun out of control

Fear ‘n’ Loathing (pic above) do have it together in both songs & delivery, their time spent rehearsing & with Ronnie Stone & putting together their set has paid the dividends they’ve been seeking. I saw them last year & felt they were trying to over-diversify some of their stuff, which made it disjointed. That’s been rectified & you get a fuller, broader picture with songs slammed out before you. Technically FNL are spot on, the only avenue they lack is the bottom end when the bassist goes a-fiddling, its always been a bug bear of mine & Alien Matter are also culprits of this heinous crime. Bass guitars should only have 2 strings on them not five!! Leave the fret wanking to the guitarists, or get another bassist who can pump out the low notes á lá AC/DC style. Anyway, now that I’ve got that Flea (Red Hot Chilis) out of my ear, someone told me there’s a FNL deal on the cards, if true, nice one, will they be the first from this crop to breakaway or will they be pipped at the post by one of their friends/rivals?
I’m running out of alcohol, it’s getting so serious that I’ll be with the old men in the corner soon drinking pints of Mild. Lager has been put to bed after the kitchen floor incident; I did try it again but ruined a CrudCrew outing to Chester by drinking the stuff. The cider last week had me badly hungover the next day & 2 pints of it tonight made me feel sick, so I turned to Guinness (too heavy for an 8 pint bash). With the show done’n’dusted by 11pm it was left to the old guy with grey beard to entertain us by pissing his pants, which is a great party trick especially when you’re oblivious to the fact! Then the skate punks showed us how to run up walls & launch yourself back into the crowd like flying chimps. A Fairziff Special Pizza from Ginos rounded things off nicely. Excellent stuff.


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