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Liverpool Academy 2

(by Phil Newall)

Bit of a odd one this, It was my first sighting of DMW, in fact it was also the first time I had even heard them play - I had previously kept a bit of a wide berth due to the make up of the band, the possibility that they were some sort of punk supergroup in the style of those sad 70's beomoth's. I think the addition of Slim Jim Phantom from The Stray Cats was the spark that fired my interest, though the departure of Pete Wylie countered that somewhat - Anyway enough of my ramblings..

The date being the 11th October meant that we had seen the England v Turkey game beforehand and so were suitably lubricated We arrived to a crowd of about 400 in the Academy 2, the crowd made up of a slightly older collective (so I felt at ease immediately).

What can I say, the show was fantastic, with plenty of banter between the crowd and the group, a good mix of each others material (set list below). The only downside was Billy Duffy who for the first set appeared pissed off due to some unnoticed technical problem with his guitar. He chilled out for the second set and actually cracked a few smiles.Billy Duffy and Kirk dueted on 'Propaganda' in a sort of acoustic style which was awesome.

Having not seen the guys before I was bemused by the interval, but was delighted to meet Glen, Slim Jim and Kirk, all of whom chatted and happily posed for photos etc. After the break things livened up a bit The strangest thing was a rockabilly version of 'God Save The Queen' which I remain undecided as to wether it was really good or really naff! The shining light in all this was Mike Peters - I will admit to never rating The Alarm, but watching him with DMW, he just stood out, his voice covering all styles and ranges with ease, the only one who came close was Slim Jim, who stood to drum in a classic rockabilly style, yet was able to provide a solid beat even for those old Cult numbers.

I would strongly recommend seeing these guys, the music's great, the chance to meet real living legends who actually want to talk to you is a rare treat. On this point Glen quashed the Pistols playing in Iraq rumour currently being spoken about on Rotten's web site, to quote him I asked if it was worth saving for the airfare - his response "If you get there, send me a fuckin postcard". Slim Jim hinted that The Stray Cats may well reform for UK shows in 2004, and Brandon reckoned on a TOH/SOD tour


Never take me alive.
Rock this town.
Burning Sounds.
On Something.
Rescue Me (+Get Back & Woody G speach).
Young Men.
68 guns.
Stepping Stone.

Rumble in Brighton.
Ghosts of Princes in towers.
I can see.
Edie (Chao baby).
Spirit of '76.
God save the queen.
Run away boys.
Stray cat strut.
Pretty Vacant.

(by Phil Newall)

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