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 Dudley Arms, Rhyl - 01.02.04

(reviewed by Neil Crud)


I overheard someone describe Ethergy as a 'scally band', I'm not sure what they meant & envisioned some cheeky scousers in trendy gear pretending to be the Coral. I was of course wrong, there's only one scouser in the band with
the rest emanating from Sunny Rhyl (if that makes sense, for we are all scousers in Rhyl) & there wasn't a Coral sound to be heard.
What I did hear confused me slightly as the music is out of sync with anything in the scene at the moment. Its like mid-1980's rock, like those bands that used to grace The Bistro in Rhyl. Having said that, should their be a revival of that stuff (a la Darkness) then Ethergy will be poised with guns loaded, but until then they'll have to make do with the local pubs &
clubs, & they'll do just fine judging by the number of people here to see them tonight. The opening track is by far the best, although there is some very slick guitar work throughout their set, & they should be shot for covering Purple Haze, its far too corny cos every fucker does it; why not do a funked up version of an All Saints song or something, that's got more cred than an over-trodden Jimi Hendrix song!
Crave first turned up on the scene almost 3 years ago as schoolboy band Flea Cirkus. Its been a long process for Lee Dawson to fall back & regroup, but the hard work has paid off, with a gutsy sound, slowed down from the 100mph thrash & very tight (almost as tight as Steve Sync who was seen haggling in Oxfam last week). Crave also got a major thing right in my opinion; the show was over in half an hour, they didn't outstay their welcome, you're left wanting
more rather than groaning at the prospect of another song. You'll see the name of this band all over the gig guide in the coming months as they hone their set. (website)

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