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Mousonturm, Frankfurt

(review + pix by Katy Pie)

After two trains, one tube, one plane, a bus and a taxi, the hardcore contingent of Team Cooper arrived at Mousonturm in Frankfurt. Much bad German (which basically consisted of shouting "guest list" in a German accent) later and we actually got into the venue. The cultural differences were apparent almost immediately. The man on the door told us to have fun and they let us have beer in real glass glasses. Exciting. To my great amusement, the second support band was German and the opening line to one of their songs was "Being here is like having sex with a drum machine". I didnít know what they meant but it sounded painful.

2nd division Sons of Selina

After much fun watching an insane woman gyrating, the Coopers came onstage. The recent release of their second album "Kick up the fire and let the flames break loose" means that many of the old favourites such as "Devil Walks In The Sand" have been replaced, but it is with songs such as "Music Box" and "Talking to a Brick Wall", which fit into the set list well and sound perfect live. The boys opened with "Panzer Attack", a frenzied hyperactive mess, which has been the traditional set closer. However it works perfectly as an opener and really set the tone for the gig.

The crowd couldíve been a bit more enthusiastic, but thatís just another cultural difference. "Panzer Attack" went straight into "A.I.M", which is another massive tune. Highlights would definitely have to be "Talking to a brick Wall" and "Music Box", which are definitely the album highlights and which, although fairly complex and intense songs, were replicated perfectly live and they really lived up to my expectations. "Filmmaker" and "Who Needs Enemies" were ever present and still sound as good as they did first time round. New set closer is "Lets Kill Music", which was a fantastic ending to an amazing gig, even if the crowd were a bit quiet for my liking. Although it was good to get to see TCTC in such a small venue again. Ended the night by going to "The most underground club in The Frankfurt", with the band. I was expecting an actual underground club, but it was the most amazing little Jazz club. We got very drunk and returned to our hostel, which smelled of shit. It was also next to "World of Sex", which was very handy.

here's lookin at you kid
(review + pix by Katy Pie)

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