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Central Station, Wrexham 10.03.04

(review & pics by Kat-y Pie)

Chikinki are one of my favourite bands so when I found out they were playing so close I was excited and also glad that I wouldnít have to travel for hours as usual. I like Central Station, itís a good venue but I often find that the crowds are a little unreceptive to bands that arenít from the area. I hoped tonight would be different cos Chikinki deserve your dancing.

45 minutes later than planned, the Gintismobile arrived to collect me. Luckily the doors were delayed by half an hour, which gave me plenty of time to stick stickers everywhere and try to make Carl a makeshift Chikinki t-shirt. The venue was sodding freezing. ALL THE MORE REASON TO DANCE, PEOPLE.

There were two support bands. First was Day One Song, who Dave Gintis described as having two good songs, one of which was called Barcelona, and unfortunately wasnít a cover of the Freddie Mercury and That Fat Woman number. An opportunity missed? The second band was T.F.A. They had a bongo (?) player who wore a sun visor, which excited me. It doesnít take much these days, and I had consumed two vodkas and some cheapo Fosters. Sadly Carl Gintis did not share my feelings on this subject and declared that they "look shit". Rupert Chikinki quite liked them and I thought they were ok. Canít really remember what they sound like, I am just copying this from my notes. See photo at bottom of this page of Dave, Carl and Amy for their reaction to the support. As you can see, they loved it.

So finally Chikinki started. The five piece from Bristol have been described by the NME as "UK Electro-Rock darlings" who "fuse guitar dynamics with the science of beats". Their songs have infectious riffs and quite frankly, they rock There wasnít much of a crowd (well it is Footballers Wives Night) and those who were there sat down, possibly huddling together for warmth. Chikinki are in no way a sit down and sip a pint band. They are a dance like a cat on crack band. NO SITTING DOWN. Having seen them play to large crowds supporting bands such as The Cooper Temple Clause and The Eighties B Line Matchbox Disaster, and in small sweaty venues, with everyone dancing, this was a rather sedate gig. They started with Scissors Paper Stone, which can be found on their first album Experiment with Mother and followed with Nasty Side, which I hadnít heard before. During new single Like it or Leave it, Rupert (vocals and magic trousers) took to dancing among the tables, but to no avail. How anybody could sit down throughout this set is beyond me. However shortly, there were around five people dancing (including Sun visor Bongo guy). See, you cannot resist the power of Chikinki! At this point I had taken my rather fabulous shoes off to assist my dancing like a tosser. Canít be helped though. Previous single Assassinator 13 kept all of us (7 at this point!) dancing. Dave, who had stood still for the entire gig declared that he quite liked it, whilst Carl had enjoyed the insane dancers. The atmosphere was clearly dampened by the lack of attendance and the distance between the band and the audience, however it was without a doubt a great gig from an immense live band, who will shortly be off to Texas for the SXSW festival, before releasing their second album.

After the gig I requested words of wisdom for the readers of this review from the band. Rupert opted for "less of my cheek, more of my arse" but soon regretted it when Trevor chose "Cumudgeon", which is clearly a fantastic choice of word. And a fitting end to this review.


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