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Telford's Warehouse, Chester 05.03.2004

(reviewed by Carl Gintis)

After much listening to 'Original Pirate Material' by the Awesome Streets, the crew (Dave Gintis, Kat-y, Kyle 'n' Wayne Jive's Room and myself) stepped out of the Gintis Mobile and onto the cobbled carpark of Telfords, we strolled up to the door and Dave asked if we were on the guestlist, even though it was free to get in! We had a little trouble getting Wayne in due to his pyromaniac ways (which don't bode well at this venue) but after delegations with DJ Adam Walton the problem was sorted, panic attack over (sorry Kyle).

We talked for a while with Adam about greats such as Gram Parsons and Television, before hitting the table football which again, though was free we put a quid in. Dave and myself vs Kyle and Wayne for sexiest band award. Jive's Room won to the ellated cries of 'JOOOONBUG JOOONBUG' from Kyle.

The Caves took the stage around 11 the room they were playing in didn't seem to get any busier and they had to contend with a cautious crowd, the singer tried to combat this by inviting people at the back to come forward, so kat-y suggested we go to the front and stare him out, which is what we did.
Tight as fuck performance with mixed reception and views, i personally enjoyed the bass player spazzing out and the balding drummers fixed grin, however the heckle of "wanker" was made more than once, which made us all wish neil was there to do the great shout that is "get your tits out", thankfully wayne obliged with this. The caves are a rock band in the vein of seafood, idlewild or the pixies, good rock with catchy as fuck tunes without being too thrashy or punky good stuff.

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