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 Bar Blu, Rhyl - 17.09.03

(reviewed by Neil Crud)


It has been bit of an in-joke where if we see that Hooper are on the bill it means we can have the night off & stay in to watch Holby City on UK Gold. If I’m honest (which isn’t often) I planned to pop down here, take in the support bands and slide off into the night before Hooper got to ply their trade.
Bastards! They tricked me by going on first!
Now Hooper give you the same feeling of facing a day at work; you hate the thought of it but once you’re there its not too bad. In fact I’d go so far to say that this band were pretty damn good & if they threw out those 2 Rolling Stonesque tunes you’d have a set worthy of a place on the Carling Awards tour, or whatever shite the NME pretend is cool this week. It was a pity that the vocals tonight sounded like they were being sang through a 13.5 tog king size bed quilt & the bass amp of course had to give up the ghost but this is a Bar Blu feature in itself.
I missed Feedback but I knew frontgirl Sarah Davies wasn’t here & they had a temporary vocalist for tonight. Is it a curse? As last time I’m sure they turned up without a drummer!

Casino were the reason I dragged myself away from my new lease of internet life playing with my recently installed Broadband connection. I got a demo CD off them last week & although it skipped, skated & spluttered its way in the player, I did get enough of it to warrant a venture outdoors.
I wasn’t disappointed, for a band so young they would have stood head and shoulders above their MASE peers at last Monday’s show & full marks to Blood & Lipstick for putting them on untried, & they’re better live than on that CD. With a furry drumkit in tow & the flamboyant energetic Ben on vocals, Casino possess a quality that only a handful of bands have in this area, & that’s called ‘something.’ Casino have ‘something’ about them, whether it’s the fact that Ben will throw himself on the floor at any given moment for showmanship’s sake, or that they are a tight outfit with a good backline I don’t know, & I don’t particularly care. Its just good to be entertained by a band who are not merely shoegazers.
I was going to suggest a name change, with 2 Casinos already on the prowl (Chester & South Wales) – but it’s a great name & this Casino should make it their own. Although I am still waiting for bands to be re-named or formed with the following names – Spam Javelin, The Braxton Hicks, and Thrush. Look forward to seeing one them play soon!!

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