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The Benjamins
The Loving Cup
Clint Boon (DJ set)


Central Station, Wrexham 19.09.03

(reviewed by Neil Crud)


Coming from Connahís Quay you can be forgiven for having a Scouse twang to your accent, but is there forgiveness for singing in a deep south drawl when youíre fronting The Loving Cup? Well actually, yes. Are they taking the piss or is this the real life or is it just fantasy. Is there a true affinity to the country and western that heavily influences this bandís sound or are they having a laugh? The answer is probably, both. The smirk that I wore across my face as I envisaged mothers line dancing (with Doc Martens on of course) before me was soon wiped away by some serious guitar playing & foot stomping tunes. I last saw them from an alcoholic comfort zone at Pigstock a couple of years ago. The Loving Cup are what you call alt-country & theyíre not here to break your achy-breaky heart, their purpose is to paint your wagon whatever colour you see fit.
With a Ronnie Stone produced album out last Monday (which the bastards charged me £10 for) this is a band & genre that youíre about to see more of.

Playing on home turf The Benjamins were always going to get it right, in fact, any band from Wrexham seems to get it right along with Central Station who continue to book an excellent mix of established & new bands. Initial reaction from the Crud gantry was non-descript as conversations continued as the bandís set began, but the 3rd song put an end to any chin wagging & full attention was paid. Yes it is regular indie pop but with a difference to the 5 million other bands playing it in that The Benjamins are actually going places both at home & abroad. The animated bassist (Ben?) fidgeted & jumped around the stage, looking wantingly across, itching to get his band mates to do likewise. They only joined in on the final song Hurt. It was noted that vocalist Matthew Nicholls was lacking in the on stage charisma department; he may have been having a night off, but he did make up for it with a great encore of Velvet Underground's White Light White Heat, which prompted me to dig out an old Professionals 7" that has a version of it.

I last saw Clint Boon a couple of weeks ago at V2003 where he was a shining beacon amidst a faded Inspiral Carpets set. Tonight he was in 'proper work' mode with an off-shoot to his Andy Fatman recommended Radio 6 show. This is a Manchester boy playing Manchester tunes to a Wrexham crowd, it was loud & they loved it. I only recalled hearing the Rolling Stones as a token non-Manchester band before heading for the kebab house at the bottom off the hill. With my ears ringing, I kicked myself for again ordering the wrong kind of chicken kebab & leant back & enjoyed the scene of boy racers, flying glass, fraught policemen & ambulances that Wrexham so often has to offer.

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