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The Dudley Arms, Rhyl 04.10.03


(reviewed by Neil Crud)

With a double dose of Killing Joke, one on Friday, one on Monday & church on Sunday, that leaves Saturday to fill. What better way than to nip down to the Dudley for a dose of punk rock.
Hektor should’ve been 1st out of the hat but in true punk fashion band member Spud set fire to someone’s hand with lighter fuel on the school bus & has been grounded by his parents (ha ha!!). So full marks to L98 for turning up at such short notice to make a noise. They played here last week but this is the proper show, this is a Punk in Drublic night so you know its gonna be a decent turnout & it was. Described to me as more hardcore than skate punk L98 were just that & after a fast’n’furious introductory opener they spat out the very good You’re a Nazi followed by You Know Shit or was that the same song? I can’t remember as the Strongbow was flowing nicely. At least 2 songs had Stiff Little Fingers’ Alternative Ulster riff which had the cameraman take a battering off the manic moshers down the front. Dunno who that 6’3" skinhead was at the back shouting abuse(!). The set wore on & degenerated into a messy stop start affair & the singer seemed embarrassed (was it cos his v.young drummer played in his socks?), but there’s no need to be ashamed, we’re all punk rockers, we know the score, its all good fun. Us older ones showed or appreciation by telling L98 to ‘fuck off’ cos they’re ‘wankers’, which of course means they’re fucking great; even if the bassist showed off far too much between songs.


You could say it was a night of firsts. First time I saw L98 & 3CR, first time Little Jen’s bought me a pint, its just a pity Fistfuck let us all down as it’s the second time a South Walian band had failed to show up. Their loss as they’d get a good taster of how to be really appreciated.
3CR are dirty mohicaned Manc bastards, described to me as the Macc Lads on speed, & yes I can see where they’re coming from, but the Macc Lads were wankers, these guys are just cunts. Nice touch sniffing poppers on stage! With titles like Club Me Like A Baby Seal & Bang Bang Where The Sun Don’t Shine you know that political correctness was thrown out of the window & they’d’ve never’ve got away with this in the dark days of the 80s, when the politically correct Nazis were out to garrotte anyone who mentioned the word Tits or Bum. Politically correct? My fuckin’ arse, incorrect more like – no wonder I got so much stick for the ‘zine Crud.
Still 3CR plodded on, giving out abuse & accepting it with a graceful, ‘Fuck off you Welsh twats’ as they gave us Oldham’s Burning & the highly amusing What A Fucking Carry On complete with very funny ‘Ooh Matron’s.
The Cox did try to spoil the night with an impromtu performance but thankfully the Stuntface god sent a thunderbolt through their equipment when he heard them trying to murder one of their songs.
Woke up with a splitting headache but couldn’t suss out whether it was from too much cider or too much punk rock – I’ll you know after Killing Joke (part 2).


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