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01.03.2006 – Bite, Newbreed play Bar Blu, Rhyl
23.03.2006 -
Racketears play Empire, MIddlesborough
25.03.2006 – Racketears, Killionaire, Iris, Tonnica, Sonic Boom 6 play Conwy Civic Hall

01.03.2005 – Gwilym Morus releases LP ‘Traffig’ on Rasal
02.03.2005 - Bootnic + The Grain + Winabego + Kyle Lee play Bar Blu, Rhyl
09.03.2005 – From Mars, Kyle Lee play Bar Blu, Rhyl

10.03.2005 – Bootnic’s LP Bai a’r Gam, rel on Crai Recs
13.03.2005 – Viva Knievils session aired on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show
16.03.2005 - Zeroscape + Jives Room + Modern Tradition play Bar Blu, Rhyl
20.03.2005 – Midasuno
session aired on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show
23.03.2005 - Flynch + Ephesus + Moses Eats Cheese play Bar Blu, Rhyl
27.03.2005 – Victorian English Gentleman’s Club
session aired on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show
27.03.2005 – Sick 56, Instant Agony,
Seize The Day play West Shore Social, Llandudno
30.03.2005 - Fudged + Blueprint + Evolve + John Hughes play Bar Blu, Rhyl

03.03.2004 - Vinny Peculiar, Gintis, Dionitic play Bar Blu
05.03.2004 – Junebug, Ethergy play Flint Social. Caves play
Telfords Warehouse, Chester
06.03.2004 – Dead Pets, Dangerfields, The Cox play Dudley Arms, Rhyl

10.03.2004 – Carpet, Salem play Bar Blu, Rhyl. Chikinki play Central Station, Wrexham
12.03.2004 – Assert, Scarlet Bullet Lake, Isor play Talbot, Wrexham
14.03.2004 – Neil Crud hosts
Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show. Love play NEWI, Wrexham
17.03.2004 - The Well-Off + Kneejerk + L98 play Bar Blu, Rhyl
21.03.2004 – The Caves
session aired on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show. John Otway plays Central Station, Wrexham
24.03.2004 - Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show recorded live at Blu feat; Gintis, Caves, David Wrench
25.03.2004 – Keys, Mooi, Gintis play Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff
31.03.2004 – Gotti, Ethergy, Monkey Shuffle play Bar Blu, Rhyl

02.03.2003 – Wishing Hour session aired on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show
03.03.2003 - Pocket Venus Tell Me Why is released on SOS Recs
09.03.2003 – Mountaineers session aired on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show
15.03.2003 – Skeptix, Red Flag 77, Violent Playground play Old Hall, Penrhyn Bay
23.03.2003 –
Melys, Stuntface, Cream Tangerine play Central Station, Wxm broadcast on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show
26.03.2003 – Hooper, Invisible Sun play opening night of live gigs at Bar Blu, Rhyl

01.03.2002 – Mark Radcliffe’s Family Mahone play The Bulkeley, Beaumaris
03.03.2002 – Nutonic session aired on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show
03.03.2002 - Big Leaves, Pocket Venus, Mwsog play Theatr Clwyd, Mold
10.03.2002 –
Benjamins session aired on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show
13.03.2002 - Pocket VenusThrough Your Day gets its debut Radio 1 airing on Mark & Lard’s show
15.03.2002 – Skinflick, Dammerung, Cut 23 play Bangor Social Club
16.03.2002 - Family Mahone play Sun Inn, Llangollen
17.03.2002 – Fantastic Super Foofs session aired on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show
23.03.2002 –
Black Swans, We Start Fires play Breeding Ground, Rhyl. Pocket Venus play Clwb, Cardiff
24.03.2002 –
Midasuno session aired on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show. Pocket Venus play Monkey, Swansea
25.03.2002 -
Pocket Venus play Sams Bar, Cardiff
31.03.2002 –
Black Swans session aired on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show

03.03.2001 – Gwacamoli, Junebug, Find play Breeding Ground, Rhyl
04.03.2001 – Assert, Freebase, Babakin play West Shore Social, Llandudno
17.03.2001 – Homespun, Pocket Venus, Blush play Breeding Ground, Rhyl
23.03.2001 – Floaters Revenge play MASE, Llandudno
27.03.2001 - F-Minus, In The Shit play TJ’s, Newport
31.03.2001 – Carbonari, Alien Matter, Tetra Splendour play Breeding Ground, Rhyl

01.03.2000 – Super Furry Animals 1st John Peel Session broadcast on Radio One
05.03.2000 – Out Of Use, WORM, Apocalypse Babys play West Shore Social, Llandudno
21.03.2000 – The Fall play Yales Bar, Wrexham

02.03.1999 – Derrero’s 1st John Peel Session broadcast on Radio One
11.03.1999 - CD manufacturer thought that the artwork for Sons of Selina Fire in The Hole LP was one of sickest they'd ever seen & refused to handle it
13.03.1999 – Epitaff & Maharishi release split EP
15.03.1999 – Pineapple play semi-finals of Battle of The Bands in Llandudno
18.03.1999 - The Jellys, Jet Heavy, Hudsen play TJ’s, Newport
27.03.1999 - Pineapple play Kinmel Manor, Abergele
28.03.1999 – Mere Dead Men, Shifty, 0898 play West Shore Social, Llandudno

06.03.1998 - Sons of Selina play their final gig to date at Bistro, Rhyl
07.03.1998 – Utopia are formed in Prestatyn
18.03.1998 – Blind Lesbian Dwarf website slammed on front page of Evening Leader for its parody site on radio station Shore FM, called Spank FM.
24.03.1998 - Sons of Selina celebrate 2 years solid in the studio by recording drums on 3 of the tracks
26.03.1998 – Richard Haythorn leaves Pineapple

04.03.1997 – Shore FM was founded at Rhyl Town Hall
10.03.1997 – Vul Pecula appeared on I-Dot (S4C)
20.03.1997 - Vandals, Ex-Cathedra, Machine Gun Etiquette play TJ’s, Newport
24.03.1997 - Sons of Selina celebrate a year in the studio by adding a wierd ending to Kalgan

08.03.1996 – God’s Little Monkeys play The Bistro
09.03.1996 - Sons of Selina, God’s Little Monkeys play The Cestrian, Chester
10.03.1996 – Space, Super Furry Animals, Pineapple play Tivoli, Buckley
19.03.1996 - Girls Against Boys, Brainiac, Infidels play TJ’s, Newport
24.03.1996 - Sons of Selina began recording the 2nd LP Fire In The Hole
28.03.1996 - Snuff, The Doctors, Disco Assassins play TJ’s, Newport

01.03.1995 - Sons of Selina are played on the largest radio station in Greece. The song Of The 1st Water is also feat on the cover disc of Atomic magazine.
04.03.1995 - GMX Stuns play Tivoli, Buckley
11.03.1995 - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci’s 2nd John Peel Session broadcast on Radio One
15.03.1995 - The Meices, Flemgods, Alchemysts play TJ’s, Newport
20.03.1995 - Man Or Astroman?, Ex-Cathedra, DVO play TJ’s, Newport
24.03.1995 – The Fluff appeared as FFF on a special Top of The Pops for Eurovision nominees.
31.03.1995 – FFF came last in the final 8 in Song for Europe with 17,000 votes. GMX Stuns play Oasis Club, Stone

03.03.1994 - Phantom Blue play Tiv, Buckley
10.03.1994 - Raging Slab play Tiv, Buckley.
GMX Stuns play Llandrillo College, Rhos-on-Sea
17.03.1994 – Paw play Tiv, Buckley
24.03.1994 – Tyketto play Tiv, Buckley /
Shellac, Didjits (didn’t play), Hooton 3 Car
30.03.1994 - Dr Phibes play Tiv, Buckley
31.03.1994 – Wildhearts play Tiv, Buckley

04.03.1993 - Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials play The Shack, Oldham
07.03.1993 – Annie Nightingale plays Sons of Selina’s Anxiety on her Radio One show
08.03.1993 - Bikini Kill, Huggy Bear play TJ’s, Newport
11.03.1993 - Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials play Bridge Inn, Chester
18.03.1993 - Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials play Pen-y-Bont, Abergele
19.03.1993 - Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials play Sandringham, Rhyl
20.03.1993 - Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials play their last gig at Mermaid, Rhyl
22.03.1993 - Therapy? (didn’t play - death in family), D.O.A., Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Cowboy Killers, Diamond Dave (didn’t turn up) play James St Labour Club, Newport
24.03.1993 - Mighty Mighty Bosstones play Tivoli, Buckley
30.03.1993 - Didjits, Swineherd, The Coopers play TJ’s, Newport

03.03.1992 – Steve Rastin in the Journal describes the Sons of Selina demo as ‘essential listening’
05.03.1992 – Weekly News describes Colwyn Bay as a ‘ghost town’ after Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials scared off shoppers during an outdoor show
06.03.1992 - Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials play Flix, Llandudno with Jon Bon 10p
07.03.1992 - Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials play outside Kavern Recs, Llandudno with Jon Bon 10p
12.03.1992 - Action Swingers, Love Blobs, Adrenalin Section play TJ’s, Newport
14.03.1992 – Fantastic play the Mermaid, Rhyl
17.03.1992 - Spermbirds, Victims Family, Rectify play TJ’s, Newport
19.03.1992 - Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials play Pen-y-bont, Abergele with Jon Bon 10p
20.03.1992 - Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials play Sureways, Mold with Jon Bon 10p
21.03.1992 - Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials play outdoor, Rhyl High St with Jon Bon 10p
28.03.1992 – Metroland play Mermaid, Rhyl. Flourescent Daydream play the Sandringham, Rhyl
29.03.1992 – Gwynedd County Council prevent Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials playing on Conwy Quay
30.03.1992 - Cop Shoot Cop, Hair & Skin Trading Co, Stockwell play TJ’s, Newport

06.03.1991 - Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci play Pembroke Youth Club
07.03.1991 – Wasteland play The Bistro, Rhyl
14.03.1991 – Adams Family play The Bistro, Rhyl
21.03.1991 - Mortuary play The Bistro, Rhyl, Chapel of Rest & Destroyed didn’t show up
22.03.1991 – You Slosh, Boogie Run, Hozz play Civic Hall, Conwy
23.03.1991 - Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci play Carmarthen Youth Club
25.03.1991 – Manic Street Preachers play The Tiv, Buckley
26.03.1991 - Poison Idea (1st UK gig), Pleasant Valley Children, Guinea Worm play TJ’s, Newport
28.03.1991 – White Tygerz play The Bistro, Rhyl

01.03.1990 – Anhrefn, U Thant, Crumblowers, Fflaps play Powerhouse, Islington. Goodnight Said Florence play Wrexham Memorial Hall
02.03.1990 – Men They Couldn’t Hang, Anhrefn, U Thant, Crumblowers, Fflaps play Lampter Uni
03.03.1990 - Anhrefn, U Thant, Crumblowers, Fflaps play Bangor Football Club.
03.03.1990 - Goodnight Said Florence play 60’s Wine Bar, Chester
03.03.1990 - 4Q play Golden Fleece, Birkenhead
08.03.1990 - 4Q play Queens, Porthmadog
09.03.1990 – Obscene Publications squad raid record shops in Wales & North West & seized editions of Crud
09.03.1990 – The Fall play Bangor Uni
14.03.1990 – All local papers read the headline ‘Police seize punk mag’
15.03.1990 – Anhrefn, Cyrff play The Bistro, Rhyl
17.03.1990 – Crumblowers play an Anti-Poll Tax gig in Plough, St Asaph
18.03.1990 – 4Q re-record a radio friendly version of Imagine
22.03.1990 – Chief Superintendent of N.Wales police threatens to sue Crud fanzine
29.03.1990 – Abs, 4Q play The Bistro, Rhyl despite police warnings to venue that fans could riot
30.03.1990 – Blacklisted rec Beyond The Fringe demo at RRS

10.03.1989 – Anhrefn play UCD, Dublin
11.03.1989 – Anhrefn play Grattan, Dublin
18.03.1989 - 4Q play the Bee, Rhyl as Johnny Rawhide & The Cowhorns (due to being previously banned)

03.03.1988 – Fflaps, Laughter in The Garden play Bangor Uni. gatecrashed by 4Q. Colwyn Bay Leisure Centre ban 4Q from playing there again.
10.03.1988 – Bolt Thrower, 4Q at The Vic, Prestatyn cancelled due to ban
12.03.1988 – Birthday of Isaac, Neil Crud’s half-brother. 4Q gig cancelled at Dulas Hall, Llandulas due to ban
22.03.1988 - Gone To Earth, Death Planet Commandos, Acquired Taste play TJ’s, Newport
25.03.1988 – UK Subs, Blitzkrieg play Planet X, L’pool, gatecrashed by 4Q

01.03.1987 – Anhrefn, Datblygu play Fulham Greyhound
03.03.1987 – Y Cyrff, Zod Maelstrom, Krystalnacht, Lungs play Trax, Bangor
18.03.1987 – Anhrefn play Ysgol Creuddyn, Penrhyn Bay
20.03.1987 - Mekons, Gaye Bykers On Acid, The Sect, Classified Protest play Riverside, Newport
24.03.1987 – Anhrefn play Bangor Uni

11.03.1986 - Third Spain, Cut Tunes play Jazz Bar, Bangor
13.03.1986 - Half Man Half Biscuit, Gone To Earth play Stow Hill Labour Club, Newport
26.03.1986 - Third Spain. Steam Radio play Vic, Menai Bridge

05.03.1985 - Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Juice Of Barley play Stow Hill Labour Club, Newport
05.03.1985 - Disciples of Spess play part of a 24hr Musicathon for charity at Ysgol Maes Garmon, Mold
26.03.1985 - Blurt, God Bless You, Northern Soul Soundtrack play Stow Hill Labour Club, Newport

21.03.1982 - Motorhead play Deeside Leisure Centre
31.03.1982 – Diamond Head play Colwyn Bay Dixieland

10.03.1980 - Gong play Bangor University

10.03.1979 – Gong play Bangor University

27.03.1978 – Whitesnake gig at Colwyn Bay Dixieland was cancelled

06.03.1974 – Birthday of Chris ‘Bamber’ Bainbridge (ex Supermania, Sons of Selina, Pocket Venus)

01.03.1969 - Birthday of Dafydd Ieuan (Super Furry Animals) in Bangor

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