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08.04.2006 Portrait of A Lifetime, Kobe play Dudley Arms, Rhyl
12.04.2006 Bitchpups, Homespun, A2M play Bar Blu, Rhyl
23.04.2006 Sonic Boom Six, Random Hand, Scott Bakers play Dudley Arms, Rhyl
21.04.2006 - Dressed Naked play Speakers Corner, Colwyn Bay
26.04.2006 Gintis, Der Bomber, Racketears play Bar Blu, Rhyl
27.04.2006 Atilla The Stockbroker plays The Vic, Menai Bridge. Racketears play Wrexham Uni
28.04.2006 The Affliction cancel gig at Speakers Corner due to singer Moo having sprained back
30.04.2006 Neil Crud begins new slot on Adam Waltons BBC Radio Wales Show, playing new demos

02.04.2005 Junebug play Plough, Denbigh
03.04.2005 Neil Crud plays Franks Dad + 3 Minute Warning on Adam Waltons BBC Radio Wales Show
06.04.2005 - Uniting The Elements + Sabretooth + Gintis play Bar Blu, Rhyl
13.04.2005 - Valleum + HyperTraffic + Giant + Ralph Latham play Bar Blu, Rhyl
15.04.2005 - Lyca Sleep + Jesus Deluxe + Fudged play Rhyl Sports & Social
19.04.2005 Sonic State play Chester Deva Mail Club
20.04.2005 - Gods Of Good Living + The Sympathetic Affliction + Snowblind play Bar Blu, Rhyl
21.04.2005 Funeral For A Friend
play Bangor University
22.04.2005 - Jives Room + Bootnic + Colour Kinesis play Rhyl Sports & Social
23.04.2005 Racketears play BBC Radio Wales Showcase in Denbigh. Dead Clones play Dudley Arms, Rhyl
27.04.2005 - Xms3 + Mishap play Bar Blu, Rhyl. Racketears play Llandudno Junction Labour Club

04.04.2004 Neil Crud plays U Thant + Downbeat Sinatra on Adam Waltons BBC Radio Wales Show
07.04.2004 - Station Ten + Carbon Atom + Giant play Bar Blu, Rhyl
08.04.2004 - Metabbalism + Ethergy play The Metro, Rhyl
14.04.2004 Broken Pavement + Kyle & Gwynn play Bar Blu, Rhyl
15.04.2004 - Slack Babbath + Kobe play The Metro, Rhyl
21.04.2004 - Kentucky AFC + Jives Room + Winabego play Bar Blu, Rhyl
22.04.2004 - Fear n Loathing play The Metro, Rhyl
28.04.2004 - Lantern + Salem + Kagnee play Bar Blu, Rhyl

02.04.2003 Red Mojo play Bar Blu, Rhyl
05.04.2003 - Alien Matter, Instant Agony, 6 Year Hangover play Dudley Arms, Rhyl
06.04.2003 - Gabrielle 25, Infinity Chimp have hr sets broadcast from Central Station, Wrexham on Adam Walton's BBC Radio Wales Show
06.04.2003 The Fondlers formed in Anglesey
09.04.2003 Gintis, Whitewash play Bar Blu, Rhyl
12.04.2003 - Sick 56, WORM, 6 Year Hangover play Old Hall, Penrhyn Bay
13.04.2003 - Transposer in Session on Adam Walton's BBC Radio Wales Show
16.04.2003 - Hooper + Dusty Moo play Bar Blu, Rhyl
17.04.2003 - Stuntface, Alien Matter, Xms3 play Hendre Hall, Bangor
20.04.2003 - Big Leaves in Session on Adam Walton's BBC Radio Wales Show
23.04.2003 - Invisible Sun + Feedback play Bar Blu, Rhyl
26.04.2003 - Wendykurk, Valleum, Ectogram play Railway Institute, Bangor
30.04.2003 - Kentucky AFC, Lonesome Boys play Bar Blu, Rhyl (the latter having an on stage brawl)

07.04.2002 - Headcase Ladz in Session on Adam Walton's BBC Radio Wales Show
08.04.2002 - Convoy, Unsure, Beth, Anonymity, Polythene play MASE at Conference Centre, Llandudno
08.04.2002 Dr Feelgodd play Telfords Warehouse, Chester
13.04.2002 - Casino, Carpet, Dammerung play The Breeding Ground, Rhyl
14.04.2002 - Nameless in Session on Adam Walton's BBC Radio Wales Show. PSST make their 1st live app in 9 years.
16.04.2002 - Pocket Venus frontman Chris Yates is shot at in Llandudno (they missed!)
20.04.2002 - The Hangmen, Stuntface play Old hall, Penrhyn Bay
24.04.2002 - Pocket Venus play Night & Day, Manchester
27.04.2002 - Pocket Venus, Carbon Atom, Hooper play The Breeding Ground, Rhyl
28.04.2002 - The Loves in Session on Adam Walton's BBC Radio Wales Show

06.04.2001 Backward 11 make live debut at Jocks Bar, Bangor
09.04.2001 - Bluetip, Fishtake, Chikinki play TJs Newport
11.04.2001 - Babakin's 'Too Many Academics' & a demo of Pocket Venus' 'Like You' are played on Adam Walton's BBC Radio Wales Show
14.04.2001 - Fudged, Goad, Babakin play The Breeding Ground, Rhyl
16.04.2001 - The Fall, Seafood, Mountain Men Anonymous play TJs Newport
17.04.2001 - Napalm Death, Defenestration, Losing Son play TJs Newport

18.04.2001 - Derrero's 3rd John Peel Session broadcast on Radio One
26.04.2001 - The Ataris, Fabulous Disaster, Douglas, 4ft Fingers play TJs Newport
28.04.2001 - Flinch, Carpet, Dive play The Breeding Ground, Rhyl

05.04.2000 - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci's 5th John Peel Session broadcast on Radio One
06.04.2000 - Petit Vodo, Bone-box play TJs Newport
10.04.2000 - Burning Heads, The Informers, Whippasnappa play TJs Newport
25.04.2000 - [Spunge], Strain, Red Shift play TJs Newport

02.04.1999 - Pineapple play Battle of The Bands Final, Llandudno
04.04.1999 - Pineapple play Black Bear, Whitchurch
08.04.1999 - Pineapple play Yales, Wrexham
15.04.1999 - Pineapple play Cavern, Liverpool
29.04.1999 - Coal Porters (tribute to Gram Parsons), Greg Trooper play TJs Newport

02.04.1998 - Leatherface, Parc Troli, Runt, Doc Savage play TJs Newport
05.04.1998 - Mere Dead Men, Blacklisted, Dropout, Bath Time Mingers play West Shore Social, Llandudno

07.04.1998 - D.O.A., D.B.S., Kenisia play TJs Newport
21.04.1998 - 60ft Dolls broadcast live on John Peel show
23.04.1998 - Pineapple play Plas Coch, Wrexham
29.04.1998 - Servotron, Fuel, Mo-ho-bish-o-pi play TJs Newport

10.04.1997 - Goldblade, Donkey, Monkey Island play TJs Newport
16.04.1997 - Misfits, Rectify, Sardonica play TJs Newport

23.04.1997 - Melys' 1st John Peel Session broadcast on Radio One
24.04.1997 - Novocaine, Parc Trolli, Armstrong ('Dial M For Merthyr' album launch) play TJs Newport
29.04.1997 - Servotron, Good Morning Canada play TJs Newport

30.04.1997 Carter USM play The Tiv, Buckley

04.04.1996 - Mekons, Quint, Give Me Memphis play TJs Newport
04.04.1996 Napalm Death
play Tivoli, Buckley
11.04.1996 - Make-Up, Blonde Redhead, Junkhead play TJs Newport

13.04.1996 - Yassassin nights began on the top dancefloor at The Bistro in Rhyl
16.04.1996 Hangar Straight (feat; Prestatyns Nev Wilding) play The Bistro, Rhyl
17.04.1996 - Pineapple play support to Jesus Jones at Tivoli, Buckley
18.04.1996 - Weknowwhereyoulive, Choketeens, Mumbo Jet play TJs Newport
19.04.1996 - UK Subs play The Bistro
21.04.1996 - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci record their 3rd John Peel Session for Radio One
25.04.1996 - Therapy?, Disco, Pet Lamb play TJs Newport
26.04.1996 - Frank's Dad play The Cayley, Rhos-on-Sea

11.04.1995 - Sons of Selina's Of The 1st Water is played on Radio One by Bruce Dickinson
12.04.1995 - China Drum, Rites Of Passage
25.04.1995 - Tribute To Nothing, Hooton 3 Car, Decadence Within, Goober Patrol play TJs Newport

04.04.1994 Headbangers Ball held at The Tivoli, Buckley
12.04.1994 - SNFU, Supersuckers, 5 Darrens play TJs Newport
13.04.1994 - Sebadoh, Flying Saucer Attack, Flemgods play TJs Newport
13.04.1994 Scorpio Rising play Tiv, Buckley
14.04.1994 Magnum play Tiv, Buckley.
GMX Stuns play Rhyl Youth Club
15.04.1994 - Close To The Bone play the Bistro, Rhyl
20.04.1994 - Sigmoidoscopy, Meringue, GMX Stuns play Long Tall Sallys, Rhyl starting Smash Apathy Tour
21.04.1994 Skyclad play Tiv, Buckley
20.04.1994 - God Is My Co-Pilot, Brittlehip, Wholesome Crack play TJs Newport
29.04.1994 - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci have their 1st John Peel Session broadcast on Radio One
29.04.1994 - GMX Stuns play The Ferry, Tal-y-Cafn

06.04.1993 - Sons of Selina's Anxiety gets good review in Maximum Rock'n'Roll mag.
14.04.1993 DF118 play Tivoli, Buckley
15.04.1993 Anathema
play Tivoli, Buckley
19.04.1993 - Sons of Selina 2nd single Life Is But is released & played on BBC Radio One by Mark Radcliffe
26.04.1993 - Pitch Shifter, Antiseen, Rectify play TJs Newport

03.04.1992 - Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials play Flix, Llandudno with Jon Bon 10p
04.04.1992 - Rude Vibes in Vegas play Mermaid, Rhyl
06.04.1992 - Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials play Llandrillo College at lunchtime
11.04.1992 - Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials play Mermaid, Rhyl with Ludicrous Lollipops
14.04.1992 - Nation Of Ulysses, Thatcher On Acid play TJs Newport
21.04.1992 - Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials start recording their debut single in Blaenau Ffestiniog
23.04.1992 - Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials play Pen-y-bont, Abergele with Jon Bon 10p
25.04.1992 - Flourescent Daydream play the Mermaid, Rhyl
29.04.1992 - Jon Bon 10p plays The Abbey, Rhos-on-Sea
30.04.1992 - Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials play Cartrefle College, Wrexham with Jon Bon 10p

01.04.1991 - Jesus Lizard, Slowjam, Flemgods play TJs Newport
04.04.1991 - Wizzards of Twiddley play The Bistro, Rhyl
05.04.1991 - Gorkys Zygotic Mynci play Llanelli Stepney Hotel with Y Gwefrau
06.04.1991 - Datblygu appeared in session on Radio 1 for John Peel
09.04.1991 - earliest known recording of Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials (rehearsal of Disappear)
11.04.1991 - Time Out play the Bistro, Rhyl
12.04.1991 - Spoilt Victoria play the Ferry, Ty'n y Groes
18.04.1991 - Spoilt Victoria, It Might Be play the Bistro, Rhyl
25.04.1991 - Dirty Weekend play the Bistro, Rhyl
25.04.1991 - Dr Phibes & The House Of Wax Equations, Therapy? Play TJs Newport
26.04.1991 - All charges against Crud fanzine were officially dropped by the CPS

01.04.1990 Spoilt Victoria record their April Fool Session EP at Studio Ofn
04.04.1990 - 4Q play Sullivans, Bootle & are asked to leave after one song
05.04.1990 - 4Q play Anchor Inn, Stockport & Weekly News has a centre page interview with Neil Crud.
05.04.1990 - Police raid the House of Crud to sieze copies of the fanzine.
07.04.1990 - 4Q play Golden Fleece, Birkenhead
08.04.1990 - 4Q play Wheatsheaf, Stoke with Kalus, venue owner angered as he was told both groups were blues bands
18.04.1990 - 4Q, Blacklisted play Tilburys, Bangor
19.04.1990 - 4Q, Mantra play Bistro, Rhyl (4Q supposed to play The Vic, Prestatyn same night but didnt)
20.04.1990 4Q didnt bother playing in The Clwyd, Shotton tonight

02.04.1989 Birthday of Joe Coope of Hoodwink
03.04.1989 - 4Q play Frienny in Colwyn Bay with German band Tokata turns out to be Wayne The Bastards final gig
10.04.1989 Issue 7 of Crud released
13.04.1989 - Soulside, The Thanes, Flesh play TJs Newport
25.04.1989 Home Secretary Douglas Hurd orders an investigation into Crud fanzine after MP Geoffrey Dickens sent it to him
28.05.1989 Neil Crud temporarily leaves 4Q (for the summer), Gumpsh takes his place.

04.04.1988 4Q record 1st demo, in Bangor and sacked drummer Paul Puke beforehand, using session drummer instead
25.04.1988 Stuart Bickley joins 4Q on drums
28.04.1988 - Membranes, Fflaps, 4Q play Bangor Uni
30.04.1988 - 4Q's 1st demo is reviewed in local papers. Rhyl Musicians Collective held their 1st meeting.

02.04.1987 - Issue 2 of Crud fanzine published
03.04.1987 - Anhrefn play Wrexham. Disciples of Spess play Mold Rugby Club
16.04.1987 - Anhrefn play The Bee, Rhyl
17.04.1987 The Lungs, APV, Tarantulas play Jazz Room, Bangor
22.04.1987 - Anhrefn play Timebox, London
23.04.1987 - Anhrefn play Finsbury Park, London. Vengeance play Octagon, Bangor
25.04.1987 - Anhrefn play Harlow
29.04.1987 - Disciples of Spess play Cloud 9, Manchester

12.04.1986 - Third Spain, Liquidisers play Jazz Bar, Bangor
18.04.1986 - Third Spain, Paraletics play Jazz Bar, Bangor
18.04.1986 - Disciples of Spess play Ysgol Maes Garmon, Mold pllug is pulled after incident involving Welsh goalie Dai Davies!
26.04.1986 Anhrefn , Maffia Mr Huws, Cut Tunes, Third Spain, Fascination, Datblygu play JP Hall, Bangor

23.04.1985 - Juice Of Barley, Noise Annoys, No Choice, Rachels Ravenous Children play Stow Hill Labour Club, Newport

23.04.1983 Johnny Pox & The Fab Four (who became Disciples of Spess) play Alun High School, Mold

27.04.1982 - Motorhead play Wrexham Foorball Ground

26.04.1978 Steve Hillage + National Health play Bangor University

18.04.1977 The Police, Cherry Vanilla play Rascals, Chester

19.04.1969 Status Quo play Bangor University

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