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More Hate Than Fear

The Kebab House, Liverpool


(review + pix by m w j)

mosh action, in the greek style (with stage diver)


Yeah, you read it right.  5 bands in a kebab shop, there’s a first time for everything!  Extra hot (and free) Jagermeister sauce on yer butchered meaty riffs, in a badly packed pitta of a basement, with a salad of experimental noise chucked in.


There’d been hassles with line-ups and venues that had ultimately ended up in this last minute, last option choice of venue.  Again, no difference in Liverpool to the struggles we have along the coast in finding/sustaining viable venues for alternative entertainment.  Anyway, the downstairs function room of this Greek restaurant provided a very scenic backdrop with its dodgy mythological murals, shame the belly dancing and plate smashing was scheduled for the next night, would have gone well together.


The bands had elected not to use the tiny central stage and play at one end of the room, on the level with the not many folks who’ve come to check it out.  Manchester’s More Hate than Fear kick of an energetic show, very aggressive, practically spiteful hardcore on a heavier Minor Threat tip, some chuggy metallic breakdowns.  Vocals are a bit muffled but the intent is evident.


Locals Vultures have captured some excellent grooves into their own rocking heavy punk, even giving the venue owner family some melodies to interest them enough to come and watch.  They regularly up the tempo to a hardcore feel but also show an appreciation of the value of contrast with predominately tuneful breaks


I’d seen the next 2 bands a couple of years ago in Leeds and was impressed though not surprised how both had come on.  Unsanctum are also Scousers and while they have been quiet of late they have been working on material that sees them return with a vengeance.  Intense, intricate metal, harsh vocals giving it a black edge.  The drummer is extremely impressive in his invention, precision and relentless energy.  The singer is pacing relentlessly but doesn’t face the crowd, giving it a bit of a band practice feel given the lack of stage and people etc. but it’s still good stuff.



Reth also deliver in intensity, more of a tech-grind approach, rapidly changing structures that grab the attention.  They have a fantastic rough distortion sound but playing precision that keeps the impact, reminding me of a shorter/sharper Labrat and putting them in good stead for their forthcoming support to The Berzerker.  Throwing good’n’sludgey slower sections into the mix, the gruff vocals also have a chance to roar through.



Unfortunately there’s been a steady disappearance of people over the course of the night, whether through train times, their mates having played, or the draw of other city attractions.  So to the handful plus bands left offer what support they can to Bossk (a Star Wars bounty hunter apparently) on tour all the way from Kent, and in return they offer 1 song or 2.  They go for 2 and as they ply their trade in the field of epic heavy soundscapes and riffery that seems like well over 20 minutes of quality material.  Two guitarists with some 20 pedals between then (enough to bring a tear of joy to Duncan Black’s eye!), along with the rhythm section they create dynamic, shifting emotive tunes that hark to Isis and Cult of Luna.  In this short(ish) set though they do seem to achieve a lot more immediacy and interest between the contrasting slowly building and achingly soaring melodies and the crushing heavier intervals than some of their forebears recent output and fair play to them for that.  Joined by a harsh roaring vocalist for the later stages they really round off an excellent and diverse evening of heavy entertainment in fine style.  And I didn’t even get a kebab.





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