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Taff - Blaenau Ffestiniog based band of early 80s feat; John Griffiths and Kevs Ford (later of Llwybr Llaethog)

Tai –Shan – Wrexham band (early 90s). Managed by Rob Jones. More info req'd

Talogus - Llangefni based 3-piece student band (2000), feat; Rhys Williams (gtr), released debut LP Pornograffi described as dance, indie and mellow. Have supported Mansun and Big Leaves.

Alun Tan Lan – folk singer who returned to native Pandy Tudur in 2004 after living in Ireland. Rel debut LP ‘Aderyn Papur’. Constant gigging has also inc sup Gruff Rhys. Used to be known as Alun Evansh who edited the zine Brwas and fronted It Might Be in early 90s. Picked up Best Composer and Male Singer in 2005 Welsh Pop Awards on the back of his LP ‘Distawrwydd’ (Rasal Jun05). (website)

Tapeworm Soup – Bangor based fanzine (1991-93) fanzine created by Skinflick and Vaffan Coulo, to just generally annoy everyone, with ground breaking stories such as 'why students are shit' etc. Ran for about 4 issues and culminated in the Tapeworm Soup Xmas Gig organised by Skinflick which was a 12 hour marathon held in the curved lounge of the students union. Bands on the roster included :- Genital Deformities, Plastic, Skinflick, Vaffan Coulo, Glaring Green, Colon Blow, Babies with Rabies, plus many more.

Tarantulas - 3 piece rock band from Penmaenmawr (1987-88) feat Geoff Hickman (gtr,voc), Bri Drawbridge (bass,voc) Ste Drawbridge (drms). 2nd demo; Rock'n'roll Debauchery. Performed a great live version of Sex Pistols' Silly Thing. Played the infamous Cymdeithas yr Iaith gig at Corwen Sep’87 with 4Q.

Tarantism - new name for anarcho-folk band Avanti. Feat; Sid who is also involved with Bandnight venue in Holyhead. More info req'd.

Tardis – Towyn based rock covers band (c2006) made up of doctors!, feat; Andrew (voc) (also of Hiding With Girls)

Technicolour Dream – psychedelic band of late 60s (maybe from Rhyl?), had a residency at The Palace in the town. Changed name to Dai Muscles. More info req'd

Technocrat – DJ guise used by Acid Casuals (c2006)

Tedi Cyffredin – band from Bangor area (c2001)

Tempodex – solo artist played with The Vaj at North Wales Inn, Rhyl 17.1.1981 (review). Rel tape 'Songs From The Edge of Time' (Mar81). Also has 2 tracks (one a collaboration with No Commercial Potential) on the 'Systems of Attraction' comp tape, also rel split cassette single with Prevent Forest Fires titled 'Blue Light' on Working Men's Tapes in 1981. More info req'd.

Templegate - Prestatyn based heavy metal band (mid-90s?), feat; Mike Davis (later of She Said), Rob Maxwell (of Destroyed).

Temple of Destiny - Without doubt and in no way can be disputed, the WORST band ever to grace the North Wales circuit. The band consisted of a chef and a Paul McCartney lookalike playing unamplified acoustic guitars to a drum machine. Were so bad that they cleared the Flix venue in Llandudno within 20 minutes and were refused payment.

Tempt Fate - band from Rhyl (c2005), feat; Danny T (voc,gtr,keys), Matty Nevin (gtr) and Dan Mattock (drms) (ex Sodzlaw). Used to feat Sam Thomas (bass) (ex Sodzlaw), Prev called Dropped Young (website)

Tequila Rain – band from Denbigh area (early 90s), feat; Simon Jones. More info req'd.

Terminal - Denbigh based rock band of the early 1980's, feat; Wrexham based, Phil Heym (voc/gtr), Nigel Peters (gtr) (ex 5th Column, later of Company HQ, Midlife Crisis), Adi (bass), Dave Humphreys (drms), Arwel Jarvis (keys). Released a single Am I Doing it Right? Played The Bistro, Rhyl Jun'91 and performed in Denbigh Folk Club as recently as 1998. Nigel's son, Martyn plays drums for Feedback.

Terminal CC - Colwyn Bay based punk band (formed end 2000), prev called Superweak, feat; Dave Cox (voc,gtr) (later of The Cox), Jamie Cakes Cardno (drms) (later of Der Bomber) and Matthew Pipkin (bass) also of Infest. Debut gig Feb01 in Llandudno, recording 1st EP. Changed name to Floaters sept 2001 (website)

Terry Waite a'r Asid - 4 piece band from Mold (1988), feat; Paul O’Brien (gtr) (b.5.10.1971 Chester), likened to The Fall. Tracks incl; Merched Mewn Pink, Terry Waite Blerwyt ti? and a version of Kraftwerk's Model. Appeared on a flexi-disc with the song Chicken Jane a track by Ffa Coffi Bawb. Supported My Bloody Valentine at Olivers, Chester 25.2.1989. More info req'd.

That Vicious – fanzine from Denbigh (c1995), edited by John Mark Hughes. more of a comic with articles of a personal nature. Ran for at least 4 issues. More info req'd.

That Voodoo - (1986-87) Formed in Llandudno after the split of MCM. Andre Valero (bass,voc), Matt Davies (gtr,voc) (later of Charlex Dexter Ward Experiment), Simon (drms), Julie (keys,voc), Sally (b.voc). Also feat Shaun Davies who later joined the marines. Influenced by B.A.D. and Spear of Destiny. Only known release is a bootleg of a gig at The Bee in Rhyl (Jan87). Split Mar87 when Simon left. Matt died (2002) after an illness.

TFA (The Final Act) - Wrexham band (c2005), rec session for Adam Walton Show (Jul05). More info req'd

Thief - (1987-90) North Wales band noted more for their ego than songwriting capabilities

Thin Din - Wrexham college band, 1992-94, self-proclaimed "industrial noise atrocity", orig feat John (gtr), Mark Watson-Jones (bass,voc), Chris (shopping trolley percussion), Dr. Rhythm (drms), Mark (samples/scratching/mc) Toni (vibrafone). Played Watershed students union as part of rag week, returned 3 times despite being banned twice, various additional members and more scrap metal added. Educated students on meaning of feedback.

Think Lizzy - Thin Lizzy tribute band from Llandudno feat; Richie Pond (drms) (later of Burn), Anthony Dale (voc,gtr) (ex Boogaloo), Frank Flynn (gtr) (ex Hungry Touch, later of Burn) and Chris White (bass) (ex Burn, Stone Cold) who left early 2002 and was replaced by Mogga (also Dizzy Mamma). Band toured uk 96-98 finished and then reformed to play from 99 until Jun02. Rec CD and played vibe concerts for Phil Lynott trust. Reformed again Jul05, feat; Anthony Dale (gtr,voc), Rob Shiland (gtr), Dave West (drms), Darrell Smith (bass). Chris Scrubs joined Jan06.Changed name to Molly’s Chamber (late06)

Third Light – band on N.Wales circuit c.1985. More info req'd.

Third Spain Bangor band who existed in 2 different forms, 1st in 1980 and was a more experimental feat; Scott Saunders (voc,gtr) (ex Inadequates), Alan Wilkinson (bass) (ex Inadequates), John Cratchley and Mark Thomas (drms) (ex Inadequates). Played several gigs, mostly in Plas Coch in Anglesey and never played the same song twice. The 2nd Third Spain formed in 1985 by ex Reinheitsgebot members feat; Scott Saunders (voc), Maeyc Hewitt (gtr) (later Ectogram, Nixon and Jarvis, Lungs), Alan Holmes (gtr) (Lungs, Ectogram, Groceries, Fflaps), Ian McMillan (bass) and Rick Joslin (drms). Rel self titled vinyl LP on Central Slate recs (1985) (although with Maeyc, not Rick on drums) and played many gigs over the next couple of years, until Maeyc and Alan left to form The Lungs. Their style might be classified as post- Fall proto-grunge guitar indie rock.

This Room Eats – Bangor based band (c1990) feat; Dave Andrews (later of Sparky’s Magic Piano), Graham Rowlands, James Phillips, Phillipus Beauvoir (Spongebrain, Bleat) and Graham Scott-Taylor (drms).

This Thing – Band (1986-98), feat; Duncan Black (gtr) (now Skinflick), Declan 'Paddy' Parry (bass) (now in Army of Crows, ex Kobe Ysoriant, Hitchcock), Chris Moore (voc) and Andrew Gregson (drms) (ex Ysoriant, Darkside and Hitchcock). Rel EP (Who's Mr Perfect Anyway?) also there are 2 other rec demos out there somewhere. Had a management deal at one stage and played a lot of UK gigs (had fairly regular dates at the Buckly Tivoli). They sounded like RATM and Faith No More but Duncan explains; 'this was before nu-metal hit - we didn't jump on the bandwagon'

Thousand Words Productions – see One Thousand Words Productions

3AC – Conwy melodic punk band (formed Sep04), feat; Craig Pheasey (voc,gtr), David Podbury (gtr), Craig Hughes (bass,voc), Geraint Roberts (drums).

3D - Studio based project (formed 1995) by David P (gtr,bass,voc) (ex FBF), Duncan Black (gtr,bass,voc,prog) (ex Skinflick and loads more – see profile) and Dan 'Fubnuts' Alexander (gtr) (later Army of Crows). Formed when 3 guitarists found themselves with nothing to do over the summer. They aquired the services of studio boffin Graeme
Rowlands (ex-engineer for Skinflick and Vaffan Coulo) and rec 4 song demo with 2 industrial metal songs and 2 ballads. High point of the recording is 'Stress' - a stupidly fast guitar instrumental with bass kicks in 'thirtyseconds' at 165 bpm (muso speak for 'very fast indeed').

Thunder and Lightning Communications - recording studio / label in Blaenau Ffestiniog in the early 1990's run by Gordon Linfoot (aka- 'Nod'). Released Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials 1st 2 singles Stuart and Birth. Also had dealings with Mistecs and She Said. The mixing desk at the studio used to belong to Elton John who bought it off Mike Oldfield, and was engineered sometimes by Pete Romero who had worked with Motorhead. Dave Thomas (ex Avanti soundman) also produced electronic / dance music and temporarily based himself at Gwydir Castle with what was a loose mixing studio associated with TLC.

Thursday Night is Music Night – Prestatyn band early 80s, became, or were One For The Clapometer. More info req'd.

Tiger Rose – Wrexham rock band (early 90s), feat; Griff. More info req'd

Tiger Tiger - rock band in the mid-late 80's, feat; Rhys (gtr) (father of Chris and Sean of Pilgrim Fire), Aled 'Azi' (voc) (father of Caine and Tommy of Pilgrim Fire), Gareth 'Gonc' (gtr), Spike T Smith (drms) (ex Alternative Attack, Destroy Babylon, English Dogs, later with Morrissey, Damned, Sacrilege), they had a few bass players. Rec demo tracks Pilgrim Fire, Missing You, Midnight Promises and Lonely Is The Word.

The Time - Hawarden band, formed end of 2003 after the split of The Barflys. Orig called The Times, but dropped the plural to save confusion with the newspaper. Feat; Lee Randle (voc), Matt Small (gtr), Ian Dunning (gtr), Saul Blacklock (bass), Andy Liversage (drms). (website)

Timepiece – mid-70s Rhyl based band feat; Malcolm Medlicott (gtr), Kev Hughes (drms)

Tinnitus - Menai Bridge metal band (2004), feat; Emyr (voc,gtr), Iwan Jones (gtr), Iestyn (bass) and Simon (drms). Latter 3 use to be in Fleshwound and Zygote. Iwan left Jan04. (website)

Tivoli - venue in Buckley responsible for a lot of indie shows, not quite on the main gig circuit but becoming more of a cult venue for bands to play warm ups at. Has hosted the likes of Catatonia, Hawkwind, Spacemen 3, Engine, Compulsion, Dub War. (gig list)

TMF - public friendly name for indie band, Total Mind Fuck

TKRK - brainchild of Simon Gardner's infatuation of hitting the big time, but never quite making it, but this was as close as anyone would come. With co-writer James Rees they laid down a heavily over dubbed full sound a la U2 using the studio skills of guitarist Martin Wilding (also of Sons of Selina and Boogie Run). The music marked a different direction for Gardner with anthemic tunes such as Reveal Yourself. The band appeared on HTV's Electric Chair with a well-worked performance of Video Nation calling themselves Trinity (Gardner's old band), as they thought the name TKRK (Tech Rock) was unsuitable. They soon split after a series of showcases in London after little interest from labels. Video Nation was plagarised by Pulse, as his own work after using free studio time in Rockcliffe.

To Be Announced – new name (2002) for Drunk Monkey changed as the band decided that they didn't want people to like them because of their name, now called No More Names.

Toilets - Rhyl's 1st punk band formed in 1977, feat Mike Peters (aka WC Smith) (gtr), Glyn Crossley (aka Steve Shock) (bass), Nigel Buckle (Des Troy) (drms), O'Malley (Bo Larks) (voc). Orig singer Gaz Hughes didn’t show up for rehearsals. Played 1st gig at the Palace Hotel in Rhyl opening with Nothing To Do. Built up large support in North Wales and supported The Slits, The Clash and Buzzcocks with songs such as Alarm Alarm, James Bond, and Social Security. Split up in 1978 playing their last show at the 1520 Club in Rhyl on Jan 27th. The Toilets were re-created in 1992 by Mike for a one-off performance at the first MPO Gathering weekend. (see also The Alarm, Seventeen).

Tom Certain – (or is it Twm Cetyn?) Bangor based 6-piece indie band (1998-present), feat; Stuart Pritchard, Stuart Jones (bass), Carwyn Jones (drms), Kevin Pritchard, as this 4-piece they released LP in summer 99 - Why Me Why Not rec at Rockcliffe. Joined by Kev (dancer a la Bez), then Carwyn left to be replaced by Ian Cunniff (ex-Power Gruj). (See also Revelation, and now Baker Wicked)

Too Blind - 3 piece punk/ rock band from Holyhead late 80s 90, feat; Flash (gtr), Wacky (bass), numerous drummers inc, Spike T Smith (ex Destroy Babylon, Alternative Attack) and Andy Dreads. More info req'd

Top, Gaz - real name Gareth Jones, from Holywell Guitar roadie for The Alarm 1979-1985 TV presenter 1985 to present day, loaned Seventeen (The Alarm) the money to release their debut single. Also played bass for Backseat / The Units later The Grids formed The Tuphelo Torpedoes in 1987. As the Jones Brothers (With Steve Allan Jones) co-wrote the title music for Video Jukebox for Grampian TV in 1988 and KellyVision for Tyne-Tees in 1987. Presenter of countless TV programmes, mainly children's entertainment and educational, incl.; Get Fresh (for ITV in 1986-88) How2 (CiTV 1990-present day) The Big Bang (CiTV 1994-present day). As Kid Aggro provided guest vocals on "Cum On Feel The Noize" by The Children of The Revolution 2000 (website)

Topper - Dyfrig Evans, Iwan Evans, Peter Richardson, Gwion Morris, Siôn Glyn. Topper have been releasing material since 1996 when they changed their name from Paladr. From Penygroes, nr Caernarfon. Rel mini LP 'Something To Tell Her' and the 'Arch Noa EP' (Ankst Jan87). Also single 'Cwpan Mewn Dwr'  (Kooky recs). It includes 'Time' and rec’d much airplay on Radio Wales thanks to Adam Walton. LP Non Compos Mentis (Apr00) on their own Bedlam label and feat 7 new songs inc ones orig rec for John Peel. 1998 toured with Catatonia and were also feat on John Peel. Split up18th Jan 2001 after a gig in Porthmadog sports centre, Dyfs is planning to release solo material, and Pete Richardson (drms) joined Gorky's. Rasal rel retrospective Best of LP ‘Goreuon o’r Gwaethaf’ (Jun05) (website)

Torn Asunder –  prev name for Hiding With Girls, who were forced to change name due to Essex band of same moniker

Torturhaus - Anglesey black-goth Metal band (formed 1997) by Lee Robiche and Gwyndaf Parry. The duo rec several demos before the arrival of Hywel Cross in 1999 and Ieuan Jones in 2000. Debut gig at Jock's Bar, Bangor (May01) with local bands Dammerung and Verm, but after 3 gigs, incl gigs with the amazing Wendykurk, and a series of demo's the band split up in 2002. Lee and Gwyndaf went back into the studio and are currently recording a new EP Funeral For The Fatherland, whilst Ieuan and Hywel formed Carpathia and carried on performing live for a further two years. (website)

Total Mind Fuck - Glan Conwy based punk band formed in 1988 feat Drew (voc), Tea Bags (bass), Steve Campbell (gtr) (later of Spoilt Victoria and Mr Grimsdale). Played a few gigs with 4Q in 1988 before splitting. Better known as TMF and then changed their name to Baby Burger. Drew was spotted on TV on a prog restoring garden furniture in 2005.

To The Nines – Colwyn Bay punk-hardcore band (formed late07) from the ashes of Seize The Day, Out of Use. Feat; Ron (voc), Jay (gtr), Steve (gtr), Matt (bass) (also of Global Parasite, ex Alien Matter), Ton (drms) (also of Instant Agony). (website)

Touchstone - Buckley band (c1983) feat; Lawrence Madigan (from Broughton), Ken Williamson and Simon Thompson (Tonk) (from Buckley), Stephen Barkhill (from Northop Hall) and Egg (from Llandudno). Played a fair sized gig (about 400) at Elfed High School, they had a full PA shipped in (with 2 engineers) from Manchester and did the best with the school stage lights and a smoke machine. Besides a suprisingly big fan base around the Buckley area, Egg also bussed in coach load from Llandudno. Lawrence now runs his own studio. Egg has some musical bits for Channel 4 and recorded a few tracks.

Town Like Alice, A - Bethesda based outfit (pre-1992). More info req'd.

Toys in the Attic - Penmaenmawr based reggae/ rock/ roots band formed early 80's feat, briefly, at various times: Jay Johns (bass,voc), Ted Jones (drms), Ian Watson (bass), and permanent members Dewi Rhys Griffiths (gtr), Mole (drms), Alan Scarfe (gtr,voc) and a brother of Al's (bass). Played around the NWales area. They then spilt up and Mole and Al did a few gigs on their own which eventually fizzled out. Toys re-formed proper with a different line- up in late 94. With Alan off to pastures new, Brydie Rowan was brought in on vocals, and Nige Rat (who is allegedly the God-son of Lemmy Motorhead) joined on bass. The tempo changed, becoming more ska- influenced than the previous incarnation. This new line up played a lot of gigs with other Pen band, Blacklisted, and North Wales based travelling anarcho- folk- ska- rock combo Avanti, Toys were two times runners up in NWales Battle Of The Bands (losing out only to Blacklisted), and reached the top 18 of over 600 in Granada TV's Battle Of The Bands. Finally split in 1997, with Dewi moving to London and forming alternative weird indie band Science. Some members had prev played in Full Throttle

Traddodiad Ofnus - (Scared Tradition) Brighton based Welsh language band feat one time Eastenders actor Gareth Potter aka Harry the Bastard.

Trader – (pic) Wrexham indie band (c2007)

Trancemission - Trance nights originally held at the Sussex in Rhyl, but moved onto the Orange Peel. Hosted by the Dosse Posse (Website) to: North Wales's leading Acid Techno Club, do play trance occasionally, but have always been there on the acid techno scene

Trans Amp – new name (Apr06) for Towyn band X-Ell in an attempt to get a major record deal. Feat; Chris McElroy (gtr), brothers Steve and Lewis (voc), Oli Powell (bass), Jay Morris. Signed development deal with Chester based Saviours of Sound label. Oli is also a roadie for The Alarm

Trators - Bethesda based outfit (pre-1992). More info req'd.

Trawsfynydd Lo-fi Liberation Front – (2001) – described as experimental: fucked up, electronic, noise, beatz - listen to the mp3's

Trax – venue in Bangor. After the demise of The Normandie, gigs were organised at Trax, the funky cellar of the Railway Hotel. Damp, dark and cold it was a perfect spot for a lot of the local bands incl, Tarantulas, The Lungs, 4Q, NRG. Lasted for a couple of months until the arse fell out of Bangor’s alternative live scene. Was then changed to The Crypt, then to something else. Now is a dance school.

Trees – hippy/prog rock band from Rhyl (late 70s early 80s?). Rehearsed at Caskeys. More info req'd.

Trial By Fire – Mold band c2006. More info req’d

Trials Of Darwin - band (2004), played in Bangor Feb04, feat; Ben Powell (see also Mank, Micrographia). More info req'd

Trias – Welsh language punk-thrash band from Llanrwst (1989). More info req'd.

Trilogy – band feat; Chris Scrubs Jones (gtr) (ex Stone Cold, Swan, Easy Livin’, Informers), Grace Evans and Catrin Jones

Trinity - rock band (c1991) from Llandudno feat; Simon Gardner (voc).

Trotters - venue in Rhyl that briefly got popular hosting local bands in 1992/3, run by promoter Paul Hammond. Renamed Def Con One. Décor was thousands of flyers and cuttings pasted to the walls and ceilings. Now a Conservative Club. (website)

Tryface - Colwyn Bay punk/emo band (2003), feat; Gary Jones (bass). Played Mase (14.7.03)

Tsskapuddle - Denbigh based death metal band (mid 90s?)

Tuphelo Torpedoes, Gaz Top and The - London based band (1986-88) with strong North Wales connections, feat; Gareth "Gaz Top" Jones (gtr,voc), Bobby Troman (Alarm Lighting Man) (bass), Steve Allan Jones (keys), Little Pete Davis (ex UK Subs) (drms), Dino Ferrari (gtr). Played around London and supported The Alarm at Portsmouth. Recorded at Rob Storm's Studios in Rhyl, produced by Nigel Twist of The Alarm. (pics and samples)

Turnstone - Bethesda band feat Sheila Brook (ex-Fay Wray, Hot Water, Ghostriders, now Babel) (voc), Rob Parry (ex-Ghostriders, 9 and a half) (gtr), Mark Thomas (ex-Inadeqates, Hot Water, Third Spain, Reinheitsgebot, Ghostriders, Megabats, Nathan Carpathian, Infinity Chimps) (drms), Humphrey Davies (Cane Toads, ex Chemistry Set, Songlines) (bass), and sometimes Benno Beokhe (cello) (when he's in the country). Rel LP Triangles and Squares on Lawrence Music (website)

20 Racine - North Wales band formerly called Hobo, moved to London Jul01. Feat; Iain (voc,gtr), Victoria (bass) DJ Sid (synths,scratchin,fx n gadgets n stuff), Space Machine (backin trax). Headlined Dublin Castle, Camden, in Sid’s words ‘they fuckin loved us, went wild, then we played Bull and Gate, Kentish Town, which was also web-cast, they started suckin each other off.’. Victoria replaced orig bassist Greg, May02 (website)

20Eyes - Misfits tribute band based in Anglesey(?), Mark/Mozza (voc), Alan (gtr), Andy (bass), Ian (drms). The band is currently (Jul00) recording demos in Barland Studio and a number of gigs are in the pipeline. (website)

21 Chimneys - band feat; John Wright (keys,voc), Tristan Hughes (gtr) of Prestatyn. First rec in 1997 at the Big Noise studio in Cardiff and the Forge studio in Rhyl under the stewardship of Johnny R, but these recordings were never completed or released. After an enforced break they spent one day at the Sylem studio Betws Y Coed in 2001, with a view to a 7" rel on the Sylem label. Again these initial rough mixes were never completed or released. They also played at a wedding reception in 2001 held at the Rhyl Pavilion theatre. Had 2 tracks 'Ar Ddraws y Fath Ynys'(sic) and 'Mynd i'r Lleuad' comp LP 'O'r Ddaeargell/From the Vault: Volume 1'(R-Bennig Jul05). Duncan Black was also involved and remembers, ‘This duo had a great sense of humour. John’s use of lo-fi Casio keyboards gave them a sound that relied on blippy Samba rhythms. Their song Hulkman was a classic – ‘Here comes Hulkman he’s so green etc…’ John and Tristan once did vocals for death-metallers Grot at a school gig. John finished the set shouting ‘Paddington bear is a slut’ at confused teachers. They played several gigs in the Bangor/Anglesey area in the late 90s. I guested on Hulkman at the Vic in Menai Bridge once – it was a lot of fun.’

Twentysixfeet – Mold band who moved to London (May01), formed 1998. Feat; Alex, Beorn, Dan and Matt. Gigged around Wales and the North in 98/99 before relocating. Previous members incl; Ollie Williams (drms), Aaron Howard (bass), Dan Curtis (drms), Jim Wright (bass). Latest CD "twentysixfeet" with 3 tracks (1. Bring On The Slow Rush, 2. Blanket Bog, 3. Outside The Line) recorded at Autumn Road studios, Wrexham, rel Aug02. (website)

Twist, Nigel - (b.18.07.58) real name Nigel Buckle, drummer with The Alarm and The Toilets. Moved to America after the Alarm split but is still playing drums. He now works as an investigator for the public defender's office in the Los Angeles area. Twist joined Mike Peters on stage in 1998 and sang a version of We Are The Light with him. Also formed a US based band The Fringe.

2000DS - Deeside punk band (1992), released 7" single Scrap The Church, and supported Hawkwind in the Tivoli, Buckley.

Ty Gwydyr – rap act (early 90s) feat; Gareth Potter (Traddodiadd Ofnus) and Mark Lugg.

Tynal Tywyll - Highly rated Bethesda pop band 1986-92 feat, Ian Morris, Gareth Huws (drms) (later of Jina, Gwacamoli). Rel;. 7" Jack Kerouac, Syrthio Mewn Cariad EP. More info req'd.

Typewriter Sect – name used by The Predictors to avoid their punk gigs being wrecked by The Henchmen Hell’s Angels group (c1978)

Type 20 - Colwyn Bay based band (2001), feat; Nick Barrowclough (drms) Dave Howell (gtr) (both now of Asylum), Aran (gtr), Steven (voc,bass), Emily Gresham (voc). Have played at MASE gigs and Cavern Club in L’pool. Split Oct01.

Tyrant - Denbigh band early 80s. Stewart Jones (gtr) Eddie Paul (bass), Steve Hughes (gtr), formerly Martin Murray drums replaced by Alan Peters, Mark Evans (voc)- Supported Terminal at Denbigh Town Hall CND Gig 1982 ish. Clwyd Gate Hotel Ruthin and others

Tystion – (Testify) hip-hop Welsh language sonic terrorists signed to Ankst. Feat; M C Steifar (Steffan Cravos) (Rapping + Chaos Organiser), Mc Chef (Rapping), Phil Jenkins (drms), Rob Mackay (bass,gtr,flute), CJ Pegg (bass,keys,Attitude), DJ Jaffa, (decks). New Britain’s Old Lies released Aug00 their 3rd LP following on from last year’s "Shrug Off Ya Complex" and "Rhaid I Rhywbeth Ddigwydd" in 1997 .

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