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Active, Spratt and Lemon

(by Phil Lively)


You may be interested in a little more information about our little "Rock Family Tree"

John "Spratt" Gimblett was in a free-form experimentalist piano-duo band in the late 70s with my brother, Steven "Livo" Lively, called Spratt and Livo before Active Spratt and Lemon. I was, at the time drumming in a band with Trevor Keyes on Keyboards and Michael "Nimm the Greek" Paffey on Bass. My brother later joined the band then we split. I was later involved in a South London trio, (again on drums) called Concede with two musical student doctors in about 1982/3.

I then played bass, backing vocals and did the drum programming for the Pointy Birds, initially a two piece with my brother, Steven on guitar and lead vocals through most of the 90s. At the same time I was asked to play drums for a newly-formed Kent based band called Victim of Insanity. The bass player Luke left early on and we became Victim of Insanity Deceased, then VOI-D then Void. We gigged extensively in the Medway towns, throughout the 1990s. The core was Craig Skeldon (bass player with The Foster Children, Spawn) on vocals, Adam Sheikh (AKA A.J, the Adge, The Guitarchitect, formerly of the Avant Gardners and the Teuton Experiment) on guitar and myself, bass/drums/drum programming/backing vocals. Luke, who left a little abruptly left me playing bass and drum programming. We briefly had a keyboard/vocalist Gary Newson and played once again as a four-piece but he left in around 1999.

My younger brother, David is a talented saxophonist and has strong links with the Newport music scene, including the ex-members of Dub War. My older brother, Steven was in a band called Zenith in about 1978 and was in the same year same school as the blokes from the Three Johns in the late 70s. Whether he ever played with them I do not know.

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